As I was thinking about what to write, I realized this might be the most random and boring post ever.  But!  I will subject you to it anyhow.

We’re settling into a routine nowadays, which is so nice, if you like routines, and horribly mundane and soul-killing, if you don’t.  Now that the holidays are over (despite the fact that our outside lights are still up), people have stopped visiting and our weekdays and weekends are getting predictable.  Cue the nice or soul-killing.

Mornings consist of showering and breakfast eating.  We’ve recently joined the Green Monster Movement, as a breakfast experiment, and it’s going pretty well, considering that when you break it all down, it’s spinach for breakfast.  In an effort to see if RR is still allergic bananas by feeding her bits of smoothie, we found out that she still is (cue the face redness, splotches, and overall lethargy).  So she gets a bowlful of pre-banana smoothie, and we get the post-banana smoothie.  Seriously, the kid can’t eat enough of it.  We’re on week two and still find both them and each other enjoyable in the morning.

We’re both going to the gym on a pretty regular basis.  I’m coping with the fact that I have to be on stage at the end of April, in front of a significant crowd, for my band’s final farewell party/show/extravaganza.  I’m also trying to meditate my headaches away.  What?  Right.  Since last December, I’ve had weird, constant-like headaches.  So every day at work, I close my door and meditate to get my brain to chill the fuck out, since my therapist and doctor both think they’re stress related.  It’s kind of helping.  Kind of.

Spinach for breakfast and meditation?  You don’t even KNOW me!

RR is growing a molar that is killing us all slowly every night, and I might just replace her pacifier with the tube of Orajel so that we can all get some damn sleep.  That’s been the only routine-breaker these days, but with it’s frequency, actually, waking up at 2am might be the new routine if she keeps this up.

I’ve also found that I’m deeply in love with Vanilla Rooibos tea.  See?  Random.  But delicious!

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  1. Man, that’s brave of y’all to try the Green Monster Movement! Does it turn everything else green? Looking forward to your gig!

  2. It turns everything green but tastes only like fruit. And we are in no way obsessed with smoothies etc. but the burst of energy is totally addictive.

  3. That reminds me of these old Montel William’s juicer commercials, they’d mix all these greens with an apple and then gave little kids smoothies made from them to try, and all of these allegedly veggie hating kids would love them….I used to think that they’ve made major bribes to the kids. I have that juicer, by the way, but I can’t say that I’ve been throwing anything green in there! Glad that you’re getting the energy bursts though!

  4. Glad to hear about the smoothies! Surprisingly good aren’t they? Yum! If you want any ingredient ideas to mix things up send me an email.

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