Translation, please.  One of the most common things out of RR’s mouth is: “OhhWhaaTee.”  Now, for being a toddler, she’s relatively articulate, and we usually know what she says/means: Dada (water, milk, juice, whatever is in that cup please), Nose (um, nose), Mama, OhBoy, Ball (anything spherical),  Hi!, Yes!, BahBye, Socks, More, DogDog, Kitty, and the list goes on.  But whatever does “OhhWhaaTee” mean?  Now picture it coming from a small child in a monotone zombie voice.  Does that help you decipher?  It happens in the car, in the living room, in her high chair.

On its heels is “Dap-um” as in “dap-um dap-um dap-um” – usually in three’s.

Where she excels in language development, she lacks a bit in physical grace.  As she’s learning to run (fast!) she’s also learning about gravity, falling down, and yes, Neosporin.  This week, just in time for Grandma and Pop Pop’s visit as well as school picture day, she’s sporting a massive scrape/abrasion from her nose down to her chin, thanks to a fantastical playground wipeout.  I’d say it looks worse than it is, but that might be a lie.  Hard times, folks.  Or, rather, OhhWhaaTee.


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  1. One of my boys says DOWooooo, DOWoooo, DOWoooo, over and over, and we have NO IDEA

  2. Maybe it means, “I want it.” LOL, I have no idea. I am usually good at this too.

  3. I dunno, but one of Critter’s favorite sounds at the moment is “DAAAAAAAT!”. He doesn’t really have any words per se, yet, but he does frequently make that sound. As best I figure it means approximately “I can be loud!”, but I’m not certain.

    Also, I feel you on the wounds. We’re doing family holiday pictures tomorrow, so our job is to keep him from whacking his face on the coffee table (again) and getting any fresh bruises before then. At least the one on his cheek has mostly faded…

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