RR was a bald and toothless baby until she was about 10 months old, when she finally started growing some hair and punched through two bottom teeth.  Much like her personality, RR’s hair and teeth are lazy – they are slow to come in and grow.  For instance, her front teeth finally came in months ago, but they’re barely visible unless you can get her laughing out loud.  With hair, it’s no big deal, but the process of sprouting a tooth (or, this week, six teeth at the same time), is slow and painful.  For everyone.

For the last few weeks, RR has been sleeping miserably.  Up at least once in the middle of the night, oftentimes needing not only soothing, but some Tylenol/Advil.  We chalked this up to growth spurt, or remnants of that pesky double ear infection, or just generalized bad baby-ness.  My wife and I take turns getting up, and sometimes we double-team her if she’s super cranktastic.  Sometimes, she’d cry it out and work herself back to sleep.  Other times, she’d cry it out and turn into a screaming devil baby.  It’s all in the type of cry.

So I think we’d quietly resolved ourselves to the fact that maybe her good-sleeping times were a thing of the past, and that we’d need to really hunker down and do some sleep training soon here, for all of our sanity.

Until a couple of night ago when I was changing her diaper and making her cackle like a crazy woman and saw this row of jagged bumps to the left and right of her two front teeth, and thought, Holy Shit!  As a baby who doesn’t easily open her mouth for anything but a pacifier or a spoonful of mashed potatoes, I tried to get her to laugh some more so that I could peek again.  Upon further inspection, it seems like she’s trying to bust through four huge teeth on her upper gums all at the same time.  And then this morning revealed two more potential teeth on her bottom gums.

If this is how it’s gonna go, I might need some more therapy to get through molar teething.

So right.  Instead of just popping some teeth out, we’re in this painful, lengthy holding pattern while her teeth slllowwwwllly grow.  She’s not a teether, really (remember, she doesn’t like to put things in her mouth), so we’re kind of stuck.  We’ll freeze some pacifiers and stock up on Tylenol – this might take a while.


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