Fake Baby

RR is, quite suddenly, a holy terror on her changing table.  Have you seen the Huggies commercials for the slip-on diapers?  RR is The Streaker, no doubt.  Well, sometime after being The Rolling Pin prompts her escape from the changing table to the floor.  Once one hand leaves for a second to grab a diaper, this kid has flipped herself over, stood up, and climbed down my body to the ground like a fireman woken from his sleep to a fire alarm.  Then she’s off!  Naked butt and all.

This actually prompted us to BUY said Huggies diapers.  We’ll report back once we actually catch her.

Once or twice, this might have been cute.  But this is cute no more!  This morning, moments away from walking out of the house (already late), my wife and I exchanged that, “Do you smell that?” look when I picked RR up.  Shit.  Literally.  No, not leakage, per se, but more… thinking about RR with her rain slicker already zipped up, with her pants and shoes on, and contemplating how to contain her on the table long enough for a quick change.

Enter Fake Baby.

Do you remember Fake Baby?  No?  A refresher for you – here and here.  We found Fake Baby the other day while cleaning out RR’s closet, and RR thinks that FB is the bee’s knees.  FB still only had a tiny diaper on (early proof that we can, indeed, diaper properly).  FB is a new changing table installment these days, since all other distraction devices (stuffed anything, rattling anything, blinking/music playing anything, sugar cubes, life-sized Elmo, a pony) will not hold her attention long enough to unzip one side and grab a wipe.

But apparently there’s something about the blinking and maniacal laughter of FB that pleases RR.  Pleases her so much, that we got shoes and pants off today, and re-diapered in record time.  So once again, Fake Baby to the rescue.  Best $17 we’ve ever spent.

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  1. Ah the wiggling, writhing, how the heck can a baby be this darn strong moments. i am not a fan. still looking for that elusive distraction around here…perhaps i need a fake baby.

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