Walking, Talking, and Shoes

That deafening silence you’re hearing from this blog is a direct result of my keyboard abandonment to go chase after RR who is walking running around at full speed these days.  I’ve decided to write her letters every three months from now on (you know, until she’s 21) instead of monthly, as the last two letters would simply just be about how she’s walking and talking all the time.  September 25th, I’m coming for you!

So yes… walking.  Everywhere.  Especially in public places when she doesn’t have any shoes on.  Bonus points for brick or cement walkways.  She spent a good two weeks there walking and falling down a lot.  So much, that we were a little afraid that social services would come question us about the bruises on her forehead, scratch on her nose, and busted up lip.  Now that she has some confidence, though, watch out.  No, seriously, watch out!  She’ll be out the back door in no time, if you’re not looking!  Or, better yet, eating the dog’s food.

She’s also talking.  Her new favorite word is “giraffe.”  Right.  Giraffe.  End of story.

Back to shoes.  Parents: Do you buy new shoes or used (consignment, thrift, hand-me-down)?  High end or low?  Sneakers or Crocs or sandals or all?  She has a pair of rock-hard-soled low-top Chuck Taylors, and a brand new pair of size 5.5 Stride Rite Break-The-Bank shoes that should have come with the lady to put them on her every day at the price.

This is similar to the conversation that my wife and I had about a year ago when we contemplated why she needed to ever wear pants.  Apparently, kids need pants?  AND shoes?!  Sigh.  Whatever.

I leave you with a snippet of our life as we know it.  Her version of ASL’s “All Done” is this over-exaggerated one-arm flailing swing like she’s walking somewhere really fast with something in the other hand.  Maybe for her next trick, we’ll teach her that the color green is actually orange.  Having kids is so awesome.


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  1. The only thing I know is that our doc told us that when learning to walk bare feet are best, or socks, then soft soled shoes. I’ve also heard Stride Rite are really good, lucky us they have an outlet store nearby we can check out.

    Cute video, love the “all done”!

  2. My friends kid thinks that oranges are called “purples” they really should correct her, since it’s her favourite snack, but it’s very cute!

  3. Love the video! RR is one cute kid. She seems to be personality plus. Also, I noticed your Zany Zoo. Yogi LOVES that toy. 🙂

  4. I happen to be butch and pregnant as well, LOVE your blog, and can’t wait till our little girl arrives. Thanks for writing the blog!!

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