Butch and Swimwear

Well, at least I was never butch, pregnant, AND looking for swimwear, right?  Swimwear for plus-sized butches is hard enough!

Back in January, we start swimming lessons with RR.  While my wife sported her perfect-fitting black swimsuit, I wore a spare swimsuit we had tucked away: a two piece tank top brown/teal item.  Even though the thought now of occasionally wearing women’s panties doesn’t give me hives anymore, wearing the swim-panty felt downright ridiculous.  Cause it’s like, public panties, right?  Anyhow, now more than ever, it seems time for serious swimwear change.

Not even melanoma can keep us away from the beach when we go in a few weeks, so now’s the time to reassess my swimwear.  After much debate and a lot of online browsing, I’ve managed to piece together what will hopefully be a successful swimsuit.

Starting at the bottom and working our way up, is the standard men’s swim trunk:

These came from Target and if I can stop wearing them as regular shorts, they will be even more perfect.  Seriously comfortable, and a nice drawstring to make sure they stay around my hips.  They’re also affordable and available in-store, which is great since you can try them on first.  On a side note, built-in mesh underpants in men’s swim trunks always make me laugh.

Working our way up to the top, we have this swim tank-top (no, I won’t say “tankini, and you can’t make me) from Land’s End.  In an attempt to be stylish, I’m working with the red stripe in the shorts to inspire the red top.  As much as I’d love a red muscle swim shirt, I’ve abandoned the search since I have too much boob for men’s shirts, and too much everything else for standard sized women’s swim shirts.  A little pricy,  but currently on sale, and free shipping if you Google around for a working promo code.  It doesn’t hurt that the top model is hot, either.

Thankfully, I have some flip flops leftover from the great-hot-weather-pregnancy, in which they were the only footwear item I could fit on my ginormous feet during those last couple of months.

This sure as hell beats the public panty or any other plus-sized option, which usually involve brightly-colored flowery patterns, the color black, or faux-skirts.  I’m happy to see, though, that the women’s boy trunks are gaining momentum, and the invention of the rash guard and other, more full-coverage separates are a huge leap in the right direction for those of us looking for a less gaudy alternative to swimwear.

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  1. That is EXACTLY the swim gear my pregnant butch wife came up with, down to the same land’s end top (though in black)! She has a giant chest and the maternity swimsuits were not going to be supportive enough, and the land’s end one comes in cup sizes. The torso is long enough that it covers her belly, and then she has some basic grey swim trunks that go under the belly.

  2. That’s the exact same swim outfit I’ve been wearing for years! Now that I’m 6 months pregnant though I’m still wearing the shorts below my belly but I’ve had to opt for a sports bar under a rash guard shirt. It’s all worth it though to be able to cool off in this summer heat. Did I mention I live in Florida and it’s like 400 degrees here.

  3. That looks very similar to my swim outfit, too. I usually wear a long-sleeve rashguard/SPF 50 shirt over the tank, so I don’t have to slather on so much sunscreen. I’m still waiting for the day the rashguards stop riding up when you jump in the pool, though.

  4. Yup, I’m w/ previous poster, I do men’s trunks but I add a short-sleeved rash guard shirt on top. I don’t shave…I always feel incredibly self-conscious about not shaving, but I’d feel even stupider doing it, so…

  5. You should check out injectionreflections.blogspot.com for a recent post on butch swimwear options. My partner goes with the men’s swim trunks and a men’s rash guard over a swim top.

  6. My wife wears a speedo brand(read practical, supportive and good fitting) womens suit with a pair of board shorts over the top and seems to be pretty comfortable with that. I’ll have to mention the rash guard top to her, i think she might like that as well.

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