Having a kid AND photo editing software is such a wonderful and dangerous combination.

That said, we’re having a 1st birthday party for RR at our house this Saturday, with only very close, local friends invited… most of which do not have any kids.  There’s no theme, unless you consider Sam Adam’s Summer Ale a theme.  At most, maybe we’ll have 12 people, and one other one year old.  There will be beer, cokes, finger sandwiches, cheese/crackers, and homemade cupcakes.  This is less a party to celebrate her one-year-oldness, and more a party to celebrate that my wife and I have made it through one whole year of parenting.

Considering that RR still has a very healthy dose of stranger anxiety (seriously… I don’t care how much babies love you, or how much you love babies, or how utterly squeezable and lovable she is, she WILL melt down into a puddle of tears and sobbing if you pick her up), I’m having a good amount of party anxiety.  I’m immersing myself in party planning mode in order to shake off the nerves of hoping she can go two full hours without traumatizing any of our friends and co-workers.  Although, I suppose if we can survive flying across the country to California to see my wife’s massive extended family, hosting a party at our own house should be a walk in he park.

Today in and of itself has been overwhelming on its own, considering this is the day one year ago that it all started, and when the smoke cleared, there was RR.  But that’s another post all together.

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  1. Has it been a year already?? Congrats, Mamas!

  2. That is a fantastic pic!!

    Noah’s still going through stranger danger, but I figured it was because he and I are home alone so much. We’re hoping he warms up to my folks when they’re here for a few days next month for my surgery/his birthday.

    Good luck with the party – it sounds like a lot of fun!!

  3. love this photo!
    It doesn’t seem like a whole year since she made her entrance! woah!
    Have an excellent, and hopefully meltdown free, party!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GIRL! And to the both of you! Here’s to a hundred more.

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