RR vs. The Puff

In the battle of RR vs. the puff, RR is finally winning.  It’s been a riveting battle – the back, the forth, the puff in the ear, the puff on the ground, the puff stuck to her palm that she just can’t figure out how to either a) get it off or b) put it in her mouth.  Mealtimes are the battleground, and every day when we pick her up from school, we ask for an update.  Out of 10 puffs, how many did she get in her mouth?  Until last week, one was considered substantial success.  WINNING, if you will… or if you’re Charlie Sheen.

We read some article somewhere, or some baby site sent me a “what your kid should be doing, but isn’t yet” email newsletter, telling us that letting her get frustrated while trying to do something is beneficial in the long term to their development and success.  Originally, I thought, “oh, like when she’s trying to get that round peg in the square hole, right?”  Well, maybe.  But it was more like, when she’s hungry, and wants to eat a puff, and can pick up the puff in her fingers, stare at the puff… be one with the puff… and then… drop the puff on the ground.  Or, more often, get the puff close to her mouth, miss, and then SQUEAL in hatred and frustration when she pulls her hand away and her mouth is empty.

To me, it seems like the worst torture ever.  Sitting there, watching her fail over and over, or coaching her like she understands me: “To the left!  A little more!  Now release!  RELEASE!”  Imagine my delight, utter pride, and yes, audible cheering and flailing when she consistently poked puff after puff in her mouth last night at dinner.  Like she was a puff eating factory.  She was finally OWNING the puff.

I imagine parenthood is watching your kid learn how to eat a puff by herself over in over, on grander and grander scales.  What beautiful triumphs await!


Posted on June 14, 2011, in everyday. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. This is so cute! She’ll be eating everything now that she’s figured out where her mouth is. lol.

  2. LOL at the image of you coaching her while she eats. Funniest blog post I’ve read in a long time. 🙂 My wife said today, and I think it’s so true, that baby development keeps cycling back through the same concepts, but with incremental differences. My eighteen-month-old girl is at the same place as yours, only it’s with a spoon, now. And I do the same kind of coaching, only I use her obsession with construction sites (why yes, I am thrilled that she is so seriously into trucks and machines that she says goodnight to the treadmill, the bread machine, the garbage truck, and the car every night) to help coach. I turn the spoon into Bets the Bulldozer or Estelle the Excavator and we pretend to get the ‘gravel gravy’ into her mouth while shouting ‘clear’ and ‘heads up’ and ‘ware machine’ like they do at the sites we visit together, Saturday mornings. She gets giggling so hard I have to stop so she can get some sustenance…

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