I picked up RR from school yesterday, and her teachers said that she spent the whole day recklessly bounding all over, falling down, picking herself up, going at it again.  They swore, even, that they saw her take a tiny step by herself.  This is all on the heels of, what must have been, a growth spurt over the weekend – eating like she had a hollow chubby leg, and completed by sleeping 14 hours straight Tuesday night.

She’s started also eating both breakfast and lunch at school, which means she had her first almond butter and jelly sandwich yesterday.  So she’s growing, she’s eating, and she’s soon to be on the move.  I suppose this means we might have to buy a cabinet lock or two?

In other news, I’m semi-seriously thinking about recording an album of kid’s songs – mostly covers of the standards out there, and maybe an original or two.  My how my life has changed from late night, beer-filled, rock shows.

I’m actually opening up the forum for requests!  So tell me, what are your kid’s favorite songs?


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  1. I would so buy your album! Ryan LOVES to sing the ABCs. 🙂

  2. That would be so awesome. Baby beluga, of course, is T1’s favorite…

  3. My boys love the Laura Freeman album A Baker’s Dozen, especially the song Fruit Boogie.

  4. i have been so wanting to hear your music. . . any of it. . . you have me so very intrigued. and now, kids music? double-hooked. can you share even a teaser?
    ella fitzgerald–a tisket a tasket, but lately? totally into they might be giants 123 and abc albums. they listen to guitar(no vocal) music when they go to bed–round river is the title of the album. also jewel’s album, it would be cool to have a more gentle version of some lennon or beatles(good stuff, not synthesized marimba) etc. anyway, i know that was out of no where and way too much feedback. enjoy!

  5. So, not my kids’ favorite, because they all are listening to Hot Chelle Rae these days… but MY favorite: anything that Peter, Paul, and Mary did on the Peter, Paul, and Mommy album.

    Puff the Magic Dragon? Mama’s Takin’ Us to the Zoo? Boa Constrictor? Yes to all. 🙂

  6. Beatles covers, Green Grass Grows all Around (I’m sure you’ve heard Melissa Etheridge’s kickass version)…. Ooh let us know when it comes out!

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