Baby Self-Defense

Our wonderful, beautiful, charming baby is perhaps in need of some self-defense classes.  Here we are staring down her eighth month birthday at the end of this week, and although she’s rolling over, she’s not using this skill (or any other related skills, if she’s hiding them in her leg fat rolls) to prevent her bodily harm from her mobile friends at school.

Last week, she had her first “incident/accident report” from school, which basically said, “RR was knocked over by one of her mobile friends today and she bonked her head.”  Several of her friends are either cruising or crawling, which is great (motivation, even!), but the more mobile her friends get, the more of a roadblock she seems to be.  RR is the kind of baby who just wants to sit on the floor with her stacking cups.  She doesn’t want YOUR toy.  Hell, she’ll even share her cups with you.  She’s a nice baby.

The day after the incident report, I dropped her off that morning.  I sat her down with two friends (one cruiser, one scootcher), who promptly started slowly moving towards her like tiny baby zombies.  RR took two stacking cups in her hands and put them in front of her, shaking her wrists like they were nunchucks.  At least she was looking?  Most of the time, she looks like this:

Which, you can imagine, makes her an easy target.

I suppose, if nothing else, she’s learning how to be resilient, right?  She’s not learning how to be Chuck Norris – that, I can guarantee.


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