A while back, RR started noticing our cats.  Yes, cats.  Two of them.  No, you don’t get pictures.  Why?  Cause our cats are embarrassingly large.  No, really.  You’re thinking, “Nah, surely you must be exaggerating!”  But, sadly, I’m not.  Our cats are prime candidates for “The Biggest Loser:  Family Edition.”  They need Weight Watchers, or Spanx.  They didn’t used to be behemoths.  Before we got a dog, they raced around our house playing with each other, up and down stairs, in and out doorways.  They had rib cages and necks.  But then the dog came, and through a fit of depression, they locked themselves in the spare bedroom with an uncontrollable catnip habit and the munchies.  We tried weight loss food, but it prompted serious backlash.  Now, through one’s urinary troubles, we’re now investing more-money-than-was-budgeted for special cat food.  Side effect?  Clean pipes, but weight gain.  Sigh.

So, back to RR.

She’s always noticed the dog.  How could she not?  Every day, it’s a chorus of “Stop licking the baby!” and “Drop.  Drop!  DROP!!!”  He’s a permanent fixture, all up in her face, all of the time.

But the cats.  The cats are slow-moving (duh) and make curiously loud purring noises when they come close.  They mosey around the house, and whenever I’m holding RR on my lap and I see her eyes light up as she’s looking behind me, I’m certain there’s a cat to blame.

They also have no fear of RR.  They’re quick to jump on my lap, or hunker down on a couch cushion next to her.  They’re unfazed, even with the touching, which is new to both them and RR.  Why Pat the Bunny when you can pat an actual animal, hanging out within arms reach?  The cat she’s most fond of touching is very patient – she sits relatively still when RR plants her whole hand on her shoulder, and then I can supervise the petting before the flat hand turns into a whole fist of orange fur.  They’re warming up to RR much better than they did to the dog.  That’s good on so many levels, but mostly because, they can’t afford to gain any more weight.

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  1. Ah…. Biscuit.

    And Lucas loves to try to get our slow moving cats, too… He will just get close enough to grab a stray hair as they bolt from him.

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