Month Five

Dear RR,

Go ahead and judge me for being three days late on your letter.  I knew Month Five (and coming up on Month Six) were going to be difficult seeing that both fall on holidays.  That’s right – don’t hold your breath that I’ll get a letter in on Christmas day.  For your Month Five celebration, we hosted your aunt and uncle (on your mother’s side) for Thanksgiving.  It was complete with all of the bells and whistles, of course, although we couldn’t locate the Thanksgiving decorations, with the exception of the turkey salt and pepper shakers.  Your mother cooked the turkey (to perfection!), I carved said turkey, your aunt ate the in-the-bird-stuffing (and lived to tell about it), your uncle sat on the couch until it was ready to eat (and then exerted all of his remaining energy lifting the fork to his mouth), and your dog tested the pumpkin pie to make sure it was to his satisfaction.  There was football and beer and laughing and even some productive leaf raking and subsequent romping-in-a-pile-of-leaves picture taking.

Your biggest milestone this month was eating some bananas.  You’re on the cusp of being ready to dig in to the whole solid foods bit, so we’ve been taking this whole feeding-you-solid-food thing slowly.  We tried some rice cereal that you swished about in your mouth and then spat out.  The freshly smashed bananas were a little bit better, tiny bit by tiny bit.  I think the total amount of bananas that were smashed minus (-) the amount on your bib minus (-) the amount left on the plate equals (=) some actually in your belly.  We’ll consider that a win.

Our evenings consist a lot of me playing a variety of children’s songs for you on the guitar, and your mother reminding me of the words as we sing along.  It’s a sure-fire cure for any of the grumples.  So much so, we’ve debated taking my guitar as one of our carry-on items when we fly across the country in a couple of weeks.  For someone (me) who used to groan when people would suggest I bring my guitar places to play campfire songs, I apparently was saving up all of those songs for these very moments.  Phew.

RR, you’re still a very sensitive little girl.  You’re skeptical of anyone new who (tries to) hold you, often giving them mere seconds until you meltdown.  We still love you, though.  At least we know you’ll never get into the car of a stranger, right?  Or even your aunt, but whatever.

Oh, you also thought your five month birthday would be a good time to start sitting up.

Keep up the good work.



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  1. I’m so jealous of your guitar playing. Noah apparently loves live music and neither of us can even sing. I don’t think breaking out the old trombone would help either!

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