She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain

This post is brought to you by RR’s favorite pajamas, and, apparently, the Mardi Gras appearance of the background of this picture, which just so happens to be our dining room.  Cue the Zydeco!

Why yes, she is in the Bumbo ON the dining room table as specifically stated as a DEATH HAZARD on the side of the thing which I read every time we sit down to have a meal.  She is often the centerpiece of the table when we’re eating, which makes me wonder who will win on Thursday – her or the turkey?  Can they cohabitate?  Will someone mistakenly ask for the baby when they really want the stuffing?  Would you be disappointed?  Those cheeks are delicious.

My wife has inquired about flying tips (thanks, wife!), and wheres I’m less worried about them arresting us for transporting a powdery substance, I’m perplexed as to how to feed Little Miss Traveling Meltdown a pleasantly warm bottle or changing her rear-end explosions after we’ve reached our cruising altitude.  We’re talking eight hours total plane-time, involving three planes, four airports, and then a car and two hour ride over the ice-covered roads of the Continental Divide when we reach our destination.  This is the child who can meltdown between the ten minute ride home from school.  I’m not sure why traveling by wagon wasn’t reconsidered more before we bought tickets.  I LOVE my in-laws, but they could have moved to a more convenient location.  Like Antarctica.  Or Mars.

Any ideas as to how warm bottles on the go?  I’ve heard suggestions from bring hot water in a thermos to buy pre-mixed ready to eat room temperature formula.  Any idea how to change a baby in an airplane bathroom?  This is all on top of the anxiety of how many diapers to pack and what kind of clothes to bring for our baby who is lucky if she gets a hat on her bald head in these cold Virginia mornings.  She does have a pink snow suit that she might live in the whole time.

Of course, then we have a whole slew of obstacles once we actually GET there, but… first things first.

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  1. OMG she’s so cute!! You can just leave her with us 🙂

  2. I have nothing useful to suggest, but I wish you the very best of luck. When I flew cross-country with the cats, I drugged them, but I don’t think that’s recommended with babies. (I don’t know for sure, though, you could check with your pediatrician…)

    Also, I think the Bumbo is fine (at least until she can tip herself over), especially if you’re right there. I’m guessing that y’all aren’t plopping her in it on the table and then wandering off for an hour or anything. I suspect it’s kind of like the plastic bags where they’re all “Don’t put this over your head and try to breathe. If you do, it’s on you, not us.”

  3. Last time I flew, which was about 8 months ago you couldn’t take more than 8oz of liquid anything, though water bottles/tea and stuff are obviously sold as soon as you go through security, so I’d suggest bringing an empty thurmos, then stopping at a starbucks/other coffee shop once you go through security to get some hot water. Other than that, all I can say is “Good Luck”?

  4. I’m not against a little Benadryl. For a babeh that already doesn’t like travelling, I’m almost certain that being stuck in a pressurized metal tube, thinking her head might pop at any moment, and not having the verbal capacity to express her discomfort will seriously throw her for a loop.

    the thermos/starbucks idea sounds pretty good, although the flight attendants may have a microwave or warm water feature (they do make hot tea, don’t they?)

  5. She is delish!

    They do make small, lightweight, portable bottle warmers but I’m not sure how they work. Maybe some hand warmers like the kind you put in gloves/boots while skiing? I personally stuff the bottle between my cleavage or my thighs when we are out and I want to warm it. What do I care if people stare at the bottle warming between my tits (I do usually hide it under a jacket or shirt)? I’ve got two hungry babies to feed. It takes a while that way but does get warm enough eventually.

    Good luck with your trip and enjoy!

  6. We flew (an 8 hour flight) with 4.5 month old twins!! As for bottles, the staff on the plane will heat them. And as for the bathroom?? Wear RR in a ringsling or something, so you have both hands free to carry the changing bag (make a mini one with ONLY bare essentials for nappy changes, leave the normal one at your seat) and set up the mat on the changing table. Good luck!!!

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