No, we’re not moaning.  Neither is RR.  But all of her schoolmates do, and I’d like to know why.

RR has five schoolmates in the baby room, four boys and one girl.  The four boys are eight months (and crawling), six months (and HUGE for his age), almost six months (and the most moany), and one who is two (maybe three?) months.  The other girl is two months old.  The fact is, though, that most all of the moan constantly.  OK, maybe not constantly.  But whenever we arrive to pick-up RR or drop her off with a full house, there’s a substantial am0unt of moaning.

The moaning is usually coming from the boys.  I know – it sounds sexist, but the one other little girl lets out a shriek every so often, but is nothing compared to the chorus of moaning boys.  They moan while they are in their cribs.  They moan while they are being fed.  They moan while they are bouncing in the exersaucer, or on the ground playing with toys, or trying to crawl.  They moan when they’re happy or sad or hungry or delighted or tired.  RR is often the only quiet baby in the room – often sitting in a swing, or laying on the ground playing with something, or sitting up in the boppy observing the waves of moans.  Her teacher yesterday told us that when she is not cooing to herself, she is often sitting quietly, staring at others around her, contemplating the sound of one hand clapping.

The teachers are attentive.  They are two of them, and six kids total.  They’re on top of the moaning with food, diapers, burps, changes of scenery, rocks, swaddles, and anything that quiets the moaning.  But even happy, there’s an undercurrent of moans in the room.

So why is there so much moaning?  Will RR turn into a moaner eventually, or will she turn into a zen master?  I’d say the moaning was attached to teething, but not all who moan are teething.  I would just like to prepare for the upcoming moaning times if they’re coming, or get RR a tiny statue of Buddha if not.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of moaning! I don’t think Ryan has ever moaned like that…. (??) Maybe they are trying to talk to eachother in moans. lol, hoepfuly RR does not pick up this habbit…It sounds like it would get annoying rather fast.

  2. You’ve got the good baby! Do a happy dance!

  3. They moan because they are looking for attention. Even when they are this young they learn very fast that the teacher will look first for the moaning one. The quiet ones are saved for last. And everyone wants to get most attention.

  4. I used to work at a day care and about 90% of the time it was the boys that were moaning. The girls just kind of went with things, didnt let much bother them. The boys on the other hand would moan about everything!

  5. Okay, what I’m imagining are these zombie-style moans, coming out of tiny babies. It’s kind of creepy, at least in my head.

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