Turning the Corner

We have been nursing some sort of illness in our house for almost two weeks.  It started with my wife a couple of weekends ago (salmonella? virus?) and then last weekend RR came down with projectile vomiting.  We had to import the sister-in-law to visit on Sunday so that I could have my birthday dinner with someone else who could eat solid foods, and help me make a dent in my birthday cake.  My wife and RR both got better after a couple of visits to the family doctor (where, again, I praise the use of a family doctor over separate doctors for both us and her), and I thought we were on the mend until I woke up early Wednesday morning praying to the porcelain God and sleeping away all of yesterday, only to spend all of last night battling Operation: Constipation.

I’m beginning to feel better, and am grateful for a house already well-stocked with Jello, Gatorade, chicken soup, and a baked potato.  Oh, and RR pooped twice this morning before school.  I’m hopeful that we’ll all be 100% for this coming weekend, in order to take advantage of the forecasted beautiful weather to actually go outside and see this so-called sun.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Ugh… salmonella is no fun. I had it at 21 weeks.

    Is the projectile vomitting gone? Lucas had it a while and it turned out to be reflux.

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