Questions and Answers

The first year anniversary of the beginning of this blog is just around the corner.  Seeing as this is the first blog I’ve ever started and actually kept up with, that sound you’re hearing is me patting myself on the back.  That other sound you’re hearing is the quiet snoring of the other dormant blogs I created once upon a time – from the one that was a doze-worthy diary of my daily complaints to the one contemplating transgenderism, nothing stuck quite like the lure of writing about morning sickness and maternity wear.

I started this blog mainly to chronicle what was certainly going to be a once-in-my-lifetime experience, and I got much more out of writing in it than I ever thought I would.  I also found you all.  Readers, that means you.  From folks trying to conceive, to veteran parents, to people with newborns, folks who don’t want kids, people who have grown kids, queer folk, straight folk, people I know in real life, people whom I’ll never meet, and everyone in between, you all have been wonderfully attentive and supportive witnesses to a year of complete chaos, frustration, bewilderment, and joy.

That said, I wonder if I’ve left you all with any unanswered questions – about conception, pregnancy, identity, parenthood, things so far.  So hit me – leave a comment, email me at, send a pigeon to central Virginia.  I’ll answer anything but questions about my mother’s maiden name, my high school mascot, and what city I was born in.  Anything on your mind?

Oh, and hey, if you want it to be anonymous to the world, indicate that in your email, and I’ll keep your identity out of it.


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  1. Has/how has being pregnant and giving birth affected your relationship to yourself and your butch status? Has it changed how you view yourself in any way?

  2. I have more of a statement than a question. Thanks for sharing this journey with us, it’s been wonderful to read your adventures, and your writing voice is very entertaining to read. I seriously think this should be turned into a book.

  3. I agree with N&J. Also, what if anything would you have differently regarding conception, pregnancy, birth? You may have mentioned this but do you plan to have another?

  4. Your wife has a blog about her view of the family. Does it help or harm you personally to be able to read her thoughts about life/family situations? Is there anything either of you wish the other would or wouldn’t say on her blog? Is there anything you wish you had or hadn’t said?

  5. Hi,
    My mrs & I are about to embark on IUI #3 — our 1st time with stims, fingers Xed… It’s occurred to me most people seem to wait until 3months into a pregnancy before Going Public with it — but my boss at work has necessarily ended up knowing more about our insemination attempts than our friends & family, as she has to authorise my time out of the office! :-S So if/when this works, I’m not sure how or when to tell people. So can I ask, what influenced your decisions regarding letting folks know the big news, and when to do it? Did any responses surprise you? With hindsight, would you have done anything differently?

  6. So happy you have chosen to express yourself here. I love reading and yours in one of the few blogs I still read since the twins have arrived. Your perspective and quality of writting fill a much needed space in the blog world.

    Happy one year!

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