We’re spontaneous, my wife and I.  No, really.  As much as we like to plan things (like childbirth) we often find ourselves unexpectedly in the car, bags packed, headed out of town.  One time, years ago, we were watching a TV show about foods people eat at the beach – you know, salt water taffy, Nathan’s hot dogs, etc.  An hour later, we had made oceanfront reservations and were well on our way to the beach, where we rolled in a little after midnight, checked-in, and grabbed a slice of greasy pizza on the boardwalk before strolling down the pier to see all of the late-night fishermen.  Getting a dog years later put a damper on our ability to pick up and go as much as we’d like, but we still find ways to indulge our wild hairs when we can.

This afternoon, moments before the Brasil/Côte d’Ivoire game started, we saw a commercial for a local South African restaurant touting their World Cup coverage and “lots of TVs!”  Approximately seven minutes later, we pulled into a parking spot and snatched a booth by the big screen that had been vacated seconds before.  We ate samosas, fried eggplant, and chicken skewers while clapping and roaring during the scores and outrageous replays.

Vegas, on our watch, you will learn to appreciate when to make impulsive decisions.  You may get snatched up from playing in the middle of the afternoon, only to find yourself in the car on the way to an amusement park in time to ride the rides at dark.  You’ll also discover that suggesting something that starts with “Wouldn’t it be nice to…?” means that your mamas will always take you seriously, and most of the time, time and money willing, we’ll more than entertain the thought if it’s even slightly within reason.  How do you think we ended up with a dog in the first place?


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