Are those glow sticks?

I know, on some level, I will miss having Vegas inside of my body.  On the other hand, gee won’t it be nice to not be so aware of my internal organs.  I don’t know if he is as anxious to be on the outside as we are, but today has been a non-stop womb party.  Is he having a goodbye party with my gallbladder?  Are there tequila shots?  Why can I hear bass thumping?

I made it into work today by 10am, and that seemed like a fantastical feat in and of itself.  Some really awful and overwhelming right hip pain kept me awake this morning for about an hour starting at 4:45am.  Maybe I’ll consider it a throwback to the crowbar/jackhammer days of yore, but it was pretty impressive discomfort.  An hour of tossing, turning, and pillow tetris, I fell back asleep long enough to wake up moments later to snooze the alarm clock.

I’m convinced I’ll go into labor the day where my cell phone is not charged, there’s dishes in the sink, and I’ve left something vital in my office, like my wallet or a cup of uneaten ice.

We received our Advance Medical Directive and Medical Power of Attorney papers the other day (well, we got mine on Monday via email, just in case Vegas was early), and the peace of mind that came with them is absolutely priceless.  Now, to follow in my family’s laboring footsteps, he will most certainly be one to two weeks late, as no one in my family has birthed an early baby before.  Then again, maybe Vegas wants to be a trendsetter.  We’ll see.


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  1. You and your wife crack me up!


    Your mommies are very anxious to meet you and so is the rest of the blogging community!

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