Today has been the first day where I’ve felt completely prepared to have this kid.  I don’t think you would have called us UNprepared during these previous weeks, but we’ve had a lot to get done in an alarmingly small amount of time.  Work has been completely insane for the both of us trying to prepare to be out of the office for an extended amount of time.  My boss left on Friday and will be gone for the next five weeks, so not only have I been trying to get my shit together to be away, I’ve been her go-to person to get her shit together before she leaves.  Not to mention the training of five people to do my job.  And then there’s watching my wife be slowly tortured by the folks in her office as well.  Work is work, folks.  They don’t call it fun.

But this week will be quiet.  My boss is gone.  My boss’ boss is even gone.  This weekend has been absolutely incredible so far, and by that I mean, I haven’t left the house.  My wife ran out this morning to grocery shop for the week, and aside from a veeerrryyyy sllloooowwwww walk around the block with my dog this evening, I’ve steered clear of the outside world.  We sat around and watched the World Cup games this afternoon, and did some finishing touches on the nursery (the wife might even post a picture or two).  It wouldn’t surprise me if Vegas’ first word was GOOOAAALLLL, since that’s all we’ll be watching here for a while.  This weekend has been the first weekend in a while where I feel like I can just sit around and finish growing this baby.

I’ve been having actual contractions, as of yesterday and today.  Very irregular, so nothing to count or time or keep track of, but I understand now why people say, “Oh, you’ll know when you have a contraction.”  I still haven’t figured out a non-face-contorting way to say, “Hang on a second, I’m feeling something very uncomfortable and a little painful right now, so I’d rather not finish that thought.”  I think I need to practice my cleansing breaths.  I can feel Vegas on my cervix.  He has times where he’s moving a LOT and other times where it’s hush hush quiet.  When he moves, it feels a little like he’s trying to claw his way through my cervix.  That’s pleasant.  The contractions themselves are about as pleasant.

We go back to the OB Wednesday morning for our 39 week check-up, which seems so unreal.  We’ll see then if we’ve made any progress, or if I’m maintaining the status quo.  More cat-cow.  More balance ball sitting.  Perhaps some acupuncture.  I’m just trying to hunker down and ride this thing out until it’s time, which is out of my immediate control.  Parenting lesson number one, right?  Learning to accept that we can’t plan or predict what this kid is going to do, and when he’s going to do it.  Better to learn this sooner than later, I suppose.

In other news, as much as Vegas is a wonderful compliment to my curvaceous body, I can’t wait to sleep on my stomach, feel my fingertips, and wear a belt.

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  1. I thought the 27th, but… I feel maybe more like the 16th now. What do you think?

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