Vegas is on the move, folks.  This morning, while waiting to hop in the shower, I noticed that the part of my belly where his ass (or back?) has been hanging out for the last two months was suddenly flat.  So then began the “Where’s Vegas?” game.  Dropped, that’s where – also explaining the excessive number of bathroom trips throughout the night.

I’m not feeling the immediate breathing relief that lightening is supposed to bring, but that could be more due to the sweltering heat and humidity of the South.  We’ll see around lunchtime if my stomach feels more easily accessible, too.

I hope he’s in there vacuuming and filling up nail holes trying to get his deposit back.  I’m also hoping he’ll move out on his own, and he won’t have to be evicted, but those sorts of things will work themselves out in due time.  Me?  I’m feeling particularly primal and mammalian lately.  Internally quiet – like I’d like to find a nice shady, secluded spot where I can make a nest and let this kid come out.  My wife tells me that I look “normal” but I feel far from it.  I’m less chatty, and less extroverted overall.  See?  I can’t even muster up the energy to write a long sentence.  I feel tired, but not weary – more like I’m running on generator power, since I can feel my body storing up everything else for the fight that’s coming down the pike.

He can come out any old time now.  Well, any time but tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s a bad day, Vegas.  I know we’re 38 weeks and one day here, so it wouldn’t be alarming, by any means, if you wanted to make your debut tomorrow.  You’d be beautiful and perfect, I just know it.  But tomorrow, we’ll be in a car for a total of six hours, plus another couple spent sitting in an office signing our names over and over.  No where near your doctors and your Sheraton-like birthing room at the hospital.  We’re bringing the hospital bag, just in case.  We’ll leave a key for the back-up back-up dog sitter, as well, just in case.  But do what you can, kid, to make it until we get back.  I know you can stay put for another 36 hours – everything we’ve ever read says it’s most likely the case.  Don’t go trying to be an exception, you hear?


Posted on June 10, 2010, in everyday. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I’m just so excited for you two!! We’ll say a prayer that it all goes well!

  2. I’m still voting for the 27th.

  3. I’m so happy for you guys!

  4. I’ve got my fingers crossed for y’all that Vegas stays put through your return trip today, but doesn’t hang around inside for too long after that. The dropping sounds promising, though!

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