We had our week 33 check-up with Dr. Georgardo yesterday and all is still well – well, at least with the pregnancy.  Still (some would say finally) gaining the appropriate amount of weight, BP is still good (which means that the hot hot heat is causing my swolleness, and not anything life threatening).  Blah blah blah, see you in two weeks.

To our credit, we actually had questions this time – Tingling hands!  Swollen feet!  Are these Toni Braxton Hicks I’m experiencing?  Apparently, we are unoriginal in our questions, as we received feedback as canned and old as the 1970’s that he surely hails from.  He thinks the tingling must mean carpal tunnel, which = wrist splints while I’m sleeping.  How about support hose for your feet if the swelling gets worse?  And yes, those are Toni Braxton Hicks.  A little measure (right on target) and a listen (whoosha whoosha whoosha) and we were out the door.  Not like we wanted to spend any more time with him, frankly.  I thought maybe we had given him a less than fair shot at impressing us around week 14, but even here at 33, he is still a douchebag who refers to pregnant ladies as “gals.”  With our recent luck, he’ll be the one catching Vegas seven weeks from now.

Moving forward, we’ll see our most favorite (and hot) OB two weeks from now.  Oh happy day.

In other news, I’m afraid I have a diagnosable popsicle problem… or iced fruit bar, or creamsicle, or anything fruity and frozen, really, in any mode of delivery.  I’m sure this is the next most normal craving besides pickles and ice cream, so I’m not claiming to be doing anything groundbreaking.  I’m merely pointing out that if you are nearby with one, I may pry it from your hands before you’ve finished eating it.  Fair warning.

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  1. Oh man, if a popsicle obsession is a sign of pregnancy than I have been pregnant for the last 30 years. I will wrestle you for the last one…and I don’t play nice.

  2. Toni Braxton Hicks… awesome.

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