We’re staring down the 31 week mark coming on Wednesday, and I have a feeling that the next nine weeks are when this movie gets reallllllly good.  Regarding the check-up, I had actually gained some weight since the last visit (err, rather, since the last few months), which is totally reassuring that the baby is growing, and I’m not going to give birth to the world’s smallest human, or a squirrel.  My stats were good, we heard the heartbeat, and chalked some of the weight gain up to a wee bit of swelling in my hands and feet.  I’ve preemptively taken my wedding band off, just in case.  It gets tight in warm weather anyhow (much like it almost falls off in cold weather), so it’s tucked away in a safe place until my body gets back to normal.  It’s a really freakish feeling (and a little sad) to take it off after five years of wearing it every day.

Thursday of this week also kicks off our childbirth preparation classes, occurring once a week for six weeks, which will include a tour of the hospital, plus lessons on how not to kill the baby.  Perfect.  We’re planning on pushing Vegas out the old fashioned way, yet with the aid of modern medicine (i.e. Mr. Epidural).  And mostly, our plan is leaving the hospital with a baby, so however that comes about, cigars all around.  Next week, we have a double-whammy with our weekly class, plus a supplemental breastfeeding class on Monday.  That’s a lot of baby classes, man.

So far, so good, folks.

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  1. So glad you’re a few weeks ahead of us so we can see what’s coming!

  2. Those lessons on not killing the baby are important!

    In our hospital, there were signs everywhere (and videos! and pamphlets!) on “HOW TO AVOID SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME.” Every time we saw one, we couldn’t help but look at each other and say – simple. DON’T SHAKE THE BABY.

    • Step one, don’t shake the baby. Step two, see step one.

      Yeah – I mean, I suppose it would be helpful to be bombarded by six weeks of “things we haven’t thought about yet, which will then make us panic.” Can’t wait! Oh, and to be the only lesbians. Rock on.

  3. Okay, so the squirrel thing? When one of our friends was pregnant, my wife helpfully pointed out one day that the fetus was about the size of a squirrel, which immediately caused me to imagine a rodent in our friend’s abdomen, biting and scratching and causing all kinds of trouble. Needless to say, this creeped me the hell out. Um, yeah, anyway.

    Good luck with all the classes, though.

    • Seriously – when it’s taken me the entire second trimester, plus one month into the third trimester to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, there’s nothing more assuring to make you feel like you’re carrying a squirrel, and not a tiny human. But thanks for that scratching, clawing imagery. 😉

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