“Excuse Me…”

When did it happen that we’re all of the sudden those people who ask complete strangers what kind of amazing stroller is it that they’re pushing?  We’re generally afraid of strangers.  But apparently not anymore?  I mean, we are technically in The South, which means people tend to be pretty generally friendly, making us generally less fearful.  But still.

If we’re not asking strangers outright, we’re at least ogling their gear – from slings and strollers to clothes and bottles.  We’ll even go so far as to walk quickly behind someone to check out a brand over their shoulder.  Hell, we even paused Tori and Dean to see what car seat they were using.  We stalk other expectant mothers’ (whom we know) registries to see what they have on THEIR registry.  We’ve turned into crazy people, obviously.

It’s not like we haven’t registered for these things already.  And it’s not like we’re on the fence about anything in particular, either.  We’re honestly a car seat away from being 100% prepared to pop this kid out right now (don’t get any ideas, Vegas).  But something about seeing baby swag in action has turned us into staring, stranger-asking loons.  It makes me want to Google it, check the price, find the reviews, and see what other styles and colors it comes in.  C-razy.

Considering we’re getting a good chunk of gear from friends and family makes gear-shopping and stalking obsolete anyhow.  That high chair and jogging stroller are coming our way, regardless of whether or not it has a “death trap” rating online (and regardless of whether or not we jog).  But the joy of the hunt is too good to pass up, especially when you Google what the awesome stroller lady tells you, only to find out it’s a $800 awesome stroller.  Of course it’s awesome.  It’s made of $800.


Posted on April 16, 2010, in everyday. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. where are you registered?

  2. Ah… we did Target.

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