This morning we had our 29 week check-up, with today being week 29 right on the nose.  Weight, check.  Blood pressure, check.  Pee in a cup, check.  Let me expand on all three of these, in reverse order.

  • Peeing in a cup: This is getting harder to manage the bigger my belly gets.  Mind you, I was terrible at peeing on a stick all those hundreds of times during the days of ovulation prediction kits, so it’s no surprise than blindly peeing into a cup is challenging, at best.  I can only imagine how much more awesome that will become.
  • Blood pressure: Fine. 1-something over 60-something?  It’s written down in “the book” that’s in “the car” so I don’t know specifics.  It’s definitely not high, and if anything, might be a little low?  No cause for any concern across the board.
  • Weight gain: You’re excited about this one, aren’t you?  It’s been three weeks since I weighed in last time with not a single pound gained.  So I’m guessing you won’t be surprised when I tell you I’m still at the same weight I was three weeks ago, despite my reckless consumption of  cinnamon rolls, ice cream, bacon, and a curious amount of Vienetta ever since.  Despite our wide-eyed concern, no one else seems the slightest bit concerned.  For pete’s sake, Vegas, stop eating me alive.  But really, my belly is growing, and if anything, is making my head look like it’s shrinking.

OB#45 (OK, OK, he’s like… number 6 out of 7) seemed nice enough while he checked in with us, asked us questions about classes and breastfeeding, and put in our records the name of Vegas’ pediatrician (who will end up being the doctor that my wife and I both see who works in a family practice.  Score!).  We heard the heartbeat (150’s) and got my fundal height measurement on (we’re around 30 weeks).  The glucose tolerance test came back fine, so no gestational diabetes, which is one in the win category.  A couple of handshakes later and we were on our way to check-out.

We start every two week visits now, so we’ll be back there in practically no time, hopefully with more junk in the trunk, although I can’t make any promises.

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  1. Yes… I peed on my hand every time.

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