World Peace

Thanks to my wife for being so nice during the 10 unique things about me.  She is as wonderful as she thinks I am, so it all works out.  Now, to return the favor, on her behalf:

  1. She can make biscuits, donuts, and bagels from scratch… and wow, are they good.  The biscuits themselves can resolve conflict and create world peace.
  2. She often can’t remember our phone number, address, or how old she is any given year.  I find this cute and charming.
  3. She is incredibly witty, funny, brave, sexy, and smart.  These are five things, but whatever.
  4. She’s really good at organizing things.. not like storage Tupperwares, but like.. ideas, processes, and the order in which things should be done.  This is incredibly helpful to someone like me, who will absentmindedly start in the middle of something every time.
  5. She writes lovely thank you notes.
  6. She has a lifetime subscription to Rolling Stone.
  7. She is solely responsible for introducing me to cooking, birding, gardening, and country music.
  8. She always smells really good.
  9. She’s amazing in the sack.  Can I say in the sack?  Is that TMI?  On a related note, she is also an amazing kisser.
  10. She blushes easy (see #9.)

Me?  Well, here you go:

  1. I own two cars – a white sedan and a black SUV, which makes us a three car household total, which is environmentally absurd and obnoxious, considering we could almost walk everywhere in our town.
  2. My father died when I was 11.  I don’t obsess over it, but I do think about him daily.
  3. I got my first guitar when I was 8, and it had a rainbow strap.
  4. I don’t read many (any?) books – I CAN read, I just choose not to.
  5. I love to sing, but would never, ever do karaoke.
  6. When I’m taking notes at a meeting, I make a bulleted list out of little, sloppily-drawn triangles.
  7. Although at one point in time, I was described as a lesbian singer-songwriter, I don’t actually like to listen to very many lesbian singer-songwriters.  My iPod these days is full of male-fronted, loud, electric emo or rock bands.
  8. My least favorite sounds are idling buses, and silverware scraping together.
  9. I don’t like foods with nuts in them.  I like nuts by themselves just fine, but not in brownies, candy bars, chocolate, etc.
  10. I had a mullet in high school and the reverse mullet in college (you know, shaved in the back, long everywhere else).  It’s been all one length now for many years, thank goodness.

On another note, I had a prenatal massage yesterday that lasted for an hour and thirty glorious minutes.  A local massage therapist is getting certified in offering “Mama Massages” and was looking for a few more pregnant ladies on which to test out her mad massaging skills.  I got to lay on my stomach for the first time in a long, long time thanks to some cushiony contraption that created a hole for my belly to gently rest inside, preventing Vegas from getting squashed.  She spent a lot of time on my hips and lower back, plus my feet, arms, shoulders, hands, and even my face – all for free, with the exception of the cash I insisted on tipping her.  My saintly wife met up with me afterward so I could ride blissfully home in the passenger’s seat, almost completely zonked out from relaxation.  Thumbs up for prenatal massages.

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