Random bits of information, bullet-style!

  • I had my gestational diabetes glucose test today.  I had an egg and some cashews for breakfast, as to not foul things up unintentionally.  My wife came with me to endure the hour-long wait.  The glucose drink wasn’t nearly as awful as some people have said it is.  It was served pre-chilled, which made it especially tolerable.  Results tomorrow.
  • I wore a different pair of shoes today to work for the first time in almost two years.  My old slip-on leather Sketchers are a welcome change both in size (they used to be about one size too big) and in style (not having to futz with laces).  I stopped wearing them daily when we moved cities and my former office-side garage parking was replaced by a twenty minute up hill/downhill hike to my office, which prompted the purchase of all-weather, durable hiking shoes.  The former too-loose shoes are now fitting just right thanks to my increased foot size.  So, a big win all around.
  • I know I owe you all a picture.  As well as my mom.  And my grandma.  And my in-laws.  I’m full of empty promises – I know.
  • Knowing people are planning us a baby shower is sort of unnerving.  Especially when they are work people.  I wish I could articulate why it’s so unsettling?  It could be that I usually draw a very obvious line in the sand between work people and non-work friends, and never the two shall meet.  But after moving here, if I were to stick to that line, we’d have no friends at all.  Meaning, the social line has blurred between them both, which does one of two things:  1. Makes me feel like I’m working with our friends; 2. Makes me feel like I’m always working when we hang out with our friends.  I mean, how can you complain about your co-workers to your friends, when your co-workers ARE your friends.  I digress.
  • I’m having a bout with our friend Mr. Pregnancy Rage as we speak.  I find myself full of crank some days.  I wouldn’t have noticed it if my wife hadn’t pointed it out.
  • How am I feeeeeling?  Pretty good, actually.  I find myself getting stuck after that part of polite elevator conversation with people who want to know how I’m doing.  If I had to pick something to complain about, it would be my fucking cat, but no one wants to know about that.  See?  Rage.  I apologize.
  • Pre-glucose test, we popped into see the office lady at our RE’s office (upstairs in the same building), who requested a visit when I started showing.  She was surprised that we didn’t find out the sex, nor do we have any names picked out.  I miss those folks – they were really really nice.
  • I’m looking forward to the nice and warm few days/weeks coming up.  Time to dust off the grill and open the umbrella out on the back deck.  Our gardens are coming back to life, with the green bits of hosta and echinacea poking their heads out of the dirt.  Such a lovely sight.

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