I feel as if it’s my duty to tell you all if I find some item that increases my quality of life, pregnancy-wise.  So consider this post a public service announcement of sorts.

Let’s talk about sleep.  First, I’ve been exhausted every night around 7pm for the past week or so.  It could be a variety of things – Vegas having a growth spurt, plus walking more and more (including an actual hike with the wife and dog through the woods), divided by springing forward, on top of some unfortunate 6am wake-up mornings.  That said, I’ve finally insisted (i.e. stopped giving in to his demands and my tugged-at heartstrings) that we lock the (needy, troublesome) cat out of the bedroom at night, since he is apparently nocturnal and tends to wake me up dozens of times throughout the night.  Pre-pregnancy, when sleep wasn’t so hard to come by, it was a little irritating at most.  But nowadays, when I wake up in the middle of the night, for any reason, it takes much longer to get back to sleep.  It’s only a little pathetic knowing he sleeps in the hallway, pressed up against the bedroom door all night.  At least he’s stopped moaning.

That said, I’m making progress in the struggle to be comfortable, in the form of a throw pillow in the small of my back and the recliner with the footrest only a wee bit up.  For now, at least.  My lower back and tingly/burning leg patches are still bothersome throughout the night, but last night, instead of insisting on a wifely back-rub, I broke out the miracle balls.  The what? Sorry, the Miracle Balls.  Duh.

Now, we bought the miracle balls years ago.  I think we bought them at a bookstore?  You know, in the self-help/miracle balls section?  We used them quite frequently before we got a puppy who thought they were chew toys.  They don’t look life-changing, but when strategically placed in your lower back, or shoulder blades, or neck, while lying on the floor, you’ll be a convert.  It’s sort of uncomfortable at first, you know… stretched out with two grapefruit sized balls wedged underneath your tush, but once you take them away, you’ve never felt to flat and relaxed.

So I broke out the balls about a week ago and, although they performed miracles, the task of getting all the way down (remember, still no all-fours) to the floor and getting back up proved to be too much effort.  Last night, however, I went against the “must do this on the hard hard ground” rules of using the balls and used them while lying down in the bed instead.  Well hot damn.  I moved them a few times up and down my spine, and all the way down to my tailbone, and man, that was a good time.  After I was done, my whole back was relaxed.  I threw a leg over Joe Jonas and slept a good nine hours straight.  I’ve been sleeping well since we locked the cat out, but this was extraordinarily comfortable sleep.

So there you have it.  There’s not enough talk about balls on this blog, so here you go.  Balls.  Miracle balls at that.


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  1. Pregnancy makes you do crazy things. There wasn’t a closed door in my house for 18years while the cat ruled the house. Beginning of the 3rd trimester, the cat got shut out of the bedroom for the first time in 18 years and I got better sleep.
    You need that sleep right now. Trust me!!

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