This post is brought to you by my dog’s birthday, which is today.  He is three years old, and by lab mix standards, has about four more years to go until he starts acting like an adult, instead of a panting, thieving, romping, pulling puppy.  He is very much already on his way, but, as evidence by some behavior, still has some progress to make.

It used to be that we couldn’t leave books out, or shoes, or pants, remote controls, or anything on the kitchen counter.  Nowadays, though, he is uncrated throughout the weekdays (usually from 8:15am-5:15pm) when there is often a newspaper left out on the coffee table, the remote by the TV, perhaps even a dishtowel on the kitchen counter – all of which remain untouched in his unsupervised, roaming times.  He has a certain weakness for Crocs, mittens, and Joe Jonas so those items are tucked away from sight in the morning when we leave.

He also, apparently, has a weakness for baby clothes.  Fabulous.  Which means the massive pre-sorted amount of baby clothes are currently serving time in the quarantined nursery, behind a closed door, since they are piled about inside the crib and on the changing table.  Several have to be washed again, thanks to the minute I put them down, left the room, then found him in there gleefully pulling out a stack of onesies from between the crib bars with his ball-playing-mudface, all the while giving the foliage-themed rug a taste of realism with some muddy paw prints.  As if he didn’t like adult-sized socks enough, baby socks might be the most irresistible item ever.  A plan to put everything away this weekend is in order, so that the room can be recommissioned.

As for the long run, I’m on the hunt for a laundry hamper that has a brick lid.  Damn you Google Shopping.  Most everything clean will be kept in the closet, hung up or in the dresser, but puke-soiled onesies will need a dark, safe, secure haven, away from the lab/hound nose that will sniff it out, then dance around the room with it like a lunatic.  He can pop most any lid open with his nose (making step-cans ineffective) , so this is going to need to be heavy duty.  Also, in not wanting to drop $100 on a fancy wooden hamper, I’m down to investigating over-the-door hanging hampers, or entertaining the idea of actually duct taping a brick to a cheap hamper’s lid.

So happy birthday, dog.  And thanks, man, for adding another unforeseen obstacle to infant parenthood.

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  1. I probably shouldn’t tell you how several times a day I threaten to toss our dog out the window, should I?

  2. I don’t know who makes them, but the trash bins in our city (Seattle) latch like nobody’s business, and come in a variety of sizes. Not real attractive, but the dog can’t get in, and they can take a beating if he tries.

  3. Somewhere I saw cute white metal oldschool garbage cans with lids that latched kind of like those on a coffee jar. At the time I was thinking of it as a diaper pail. Can’t remember the price point but they were cool. Maybe try searching trash containers online.

    • Excellent idea. Yeah, I think we’re definitely going to have to go the “trash can” route – it’s just a matter of finding a less trash-can looking can. Something with multiple latches, and maybe a combination lock.

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