Symptom Check

Just so that I can keep track of myself and my inner and outer-happenings, let’s log some current symptoms, shall we?  Some of these, seriously, could be taken right from the book for “Week 26”:

  • Shitty eyesight:  Well, I’m sure the book doesn’t say “shitty,” but I have a combination of little clear floaters in my vision, plus a healthy side of blurriness, especially early in the morning while staring at a computer screen.  That said, I’m surprised this entry will be spelled correctly in its entirety.
  • Growing belly, shrinking everything else:  The belly is starting to get in the way, bumping into strangers, asking for spare change.  It’s fueling itself largely from my thighs, back, and neck.
  • Waddle:  Oh yes – Houston, we have a waddle.  Accompanied by slow-goings on any long walks.  Sorry, dog, for making you poke along so sluggishly up that hill.  Sorry, wife, for making us less effective, time-wise.
  • Voice Cracking:  Like a 14-year-old boy.  This is new and slightly embarrassing, and surely the result of some hormonal awesomeness.
  • Nausea:  Hey! I know you! Mostly in the morning, and especially if we’ve had a light dinner the night before.  Not nearly as severe as the time it mandated in-bed-saltines, but I’m real quick to chomp down a banana as soon as I’m able.

Little miracles (knock on wood):

  • No swelling to speak of – not in hands, legs, ankles, feet, etc.
  • Sciatica seems to be backing off a bit, thanks to strategic sleeping positions, balance ball sitting, back-rubs.
  • No real life-bossing food cravings, which means my wife is off the hook with being sent out for pickles and ice cream.

In response to how am I feeeeeeeeling?  Fine, really.  I mean, other than being a little winded here and there, and making sure I don’t knock anyone over with my newly expanded front-side, I feeeeeeel fine.  I don’t think I ever “forget” that I’m pregnant, per se, but my daily life isn’t revolving around it as much as it could be just yet.  For the most part, everyone (wife, co-workers, close friends) treat me as if nothing is really all that different (aside from some clothing comments), which goes a long way mentally from preventing me from throwing myself a pity-party over pregnancy-induced inconveniences or woes.  I know for a fact that, sure, the pregnancy is exciting and all, but we’re really looking forward to meeting the kiddo, so I’m trying to look past the current and upcoming symptoms and concentrate on visualizing Vegas’ little body in those tiny onesies.


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