Green & Yellow

I spent this morning sorting and washing all of the baby clothes we’ve either bought or received from friends.  I was lost there for a while amidst a gender neutral sea of green and yellow clothing – a healthy mix of solid colors and prints (with a slight emphasis on jungle animals?)  – as I sorted them by size, style (onesies, gowns, pants), and even season.  My wife was Wii-boxing while I took turns folding and prying stolen baby socks out of the dog’s mouth.  I’d stop her mid-uppercut every so often to show off some found clothing treasure, like the baby Hawaiian t-shirt/short combo.

After going through the stash, I realized how excited I am to be having a summer baby.  Not to slight the any-other-season babies, but I’m stoked that Vegas will spend his first few months chilling out in nothing but his skivvies and a t-shirt… that initially taking him outside won’t require layers upon layers of blankets and hats and footed outfits.  He’ll get his share of those, but more around the four month mark.  I’m sure we’ll have a better idea of what we’re doing by then, anyhow.

This is the first summer baby for either of our families – most of our birthdays, from the grown-ups to the kids, occur from mid-September to April, with most people preferring to have their birthdays within days of each other and/or a national holiday.  There is a significant lull in birthday activity in between.  But not for long, thanks to Vegas.

Laying everything out definitely made me reconsider putting any clothes whatsoever on any of our registries.  Also, since everything is so wonderfully neutral, it made me daydream of  finding out whether we’ll be eventually be folding tiny button-up shirts or white lacy dresses.  Only a few months left, which seems like hardly any time at all.


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  1. it goes by fast! another pleasure in not knowing is that you can reuse your newborn collection baby after baby after baby, since it’s gender neutral!

    • That’s what I hear! And really, there’s nothing like a baby on the way that makes time fly and go by so slow all at the same time. I’m also resisting the urge to make a spreadsheet detailing sizes, styles, and seasons just so that I have a better handle on what, if anything, we’ll still need, come June. That’s some serious OCD.

  2. we got SO MANY OUTFITS– not to give unsolicited advice (but I will, I guess) but I wouldn’t register for any clothes… people will give you TONS!

    We have some for you, by the way! 🙂

    • Yeah – we figured as much? And thanks, in advance! Aside from a (reluctant and mandatory) work baby shower, we may only have to endure only one other one, which might limit the gifts (hopefully). I think not knowing the sex miiiight deter people from going outfit-crazy, since they won’t be able to pick out sailboats or princess shirts.

  3. Mmmm, summer baby indeed. I’m glad ours will be here in August for the same reasons, also because a healthy dose of sun for mama is probably going to help with any blues that might follow.

    We avoided putting clothes on our regustry too. We have a lot at this point and really, people buy what they like when it comes to clothes anyway I think.

    I’m pretty excited for you to find out if its dresses or button downs! Just a little longer.

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