The Sound of Waiting

We’re counting down the days until Friday morning’s ultrasound.  The last time we saw Vegas was back in December, and before then, was at the six week mark, when he was merely a flashing spot on the screen.  Unless we get super-sassy (or I’ve missed something in my notes), this is the last scheduled ultrasound before he’ll greet us all in June.  While I’m sure we’d love to sit there and watch him for hours, we’re mostly hoping for a clean bill of health, and to leave the room unspoiled on the sex.  I’m at peace with the fact that this will probably be our last peek at him, since I kind of feel like he’s our little soufflé – in there baking and rising with a “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging on his cord.  Not being able to see him very often (or hear him, either, since we don’t have a home doppler) is finally off-set by his moving about and increasingly impressive cirque du soleil shows.

He’s growing a lot in there, too, as witnessed by my belly taking turns growing in on the sides and out front.  Since he hired some movers to relocate my stomach to a studio apartment, I’m also forced to practice the small-meals-often rule, with emphasis on the “often” since he is kind of bossy like that.  The amount of bananas, yogurt, and bowls of original Cheerios I consume in one day is pretty impressive.  I could be a sponsor for Chiquita, Yoplait, and General Mills any day now.  Any meal larger than normal (i.e. restaurant meals) end up ultimately making me feel like purging out of discomfort afterwards.  Blech.

In other news, the nursery is coming right along, and our FriendsWithTwins gave our crib, changing table, and co-sleeper a test run last weekend, with thumbs up reviews overall.  Everything is a “good height,” which might have been something we should have researched before buying, but it looks like we’ve lucked out.  There’s still a good chunk of (heavy) office stuff to go downstairs (thanks, in advance, wife), and a handful of things to buy and/or register for (groan) to make the room complete and Vegas-ready, but we’re well on our way.  Thanks, Twins, for lending your sleep and baby butts in the name of consumer reports.

I think we had our last bout of snow yesterday (knocking on wood), so I hope the white-frosted world will start to thaw out soon, and maybe I’ll get to see the grass in my backyard again.  A girl can dream.

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