Plum to the Rescue!

Today is plum-colored maternity shirt day.  Plum is by far preferable to periwinkle, color-wise, but is still a far cry from the dark greens and browns which are starting to collect dust in my closet.  Plum has some shortcomings, though, with those damn 3/4 length sleeves again and a larger neck than anyone actually would ever need in order to put on a shirt.  So how do you butch up a plum-colored 3/4 length sleeve scoop neck?  Well, I started with layering underneath with a black long-sleeve waffle weave shirt.  When pushed up, the sleeves meet the 3/4 part and make it look less hideous noticeable.  Also, paired with some faded jeans and some North Face shoes, and we’re barely work-worthy, but we’re clothed.  I think at some point, the people at work have to accept that no one is winning any fashion awards during the second and third trimesters.  They should consider themselves lucky that I’m not wearing sweatpants and Crocs.

So far, it’s better than other previous options (as in, my boss came in and talked to me for 20 minutes, and not once said “Oh! Is that a new maternity shirt?!  It’s not THAT bad!” – which has happened every other time I’ve worn a new shirt/sweater).  My only other complaint is the form-fittingness, which is surely more flattering than baggy man-sweaters, but still doesn’t make me feel any less like a redneck woman at a country concert with a muffin top.

As a reward for your patience and readership, I give you picture proof, though I apologize for the crap quality.plum

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  1. adorable!

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