Vegas is moving more and more lately, and it’s wonderful to feel his wiggly self, but it’s also becoming a distraction when he nudges me while I’m working, or in a meeting, or eating lunch.  The only comparison I can make is… well you know that day during your period when the menstrual cramps are trying to kill you?  Oh, you know, when you’ve taken two Midol, three Advil, and two Aleve within a two hour period, and it feels like someone is stabbing and gutting you slowly?  So, it’s like that, on the distraction-scale, not the pain scale (thank goodness).  It doesn’t hurt one bit, but it’s those internal feelings that only you are feeling, so it’s not obvious to others why you’ve paused mid-sentence and are making that face.

He’s also getting more predictable – he’s most active around 10am, 4pm, and in the evening after dinner.  He’s also reluctantly active if I’ve gotten up at 4am to let the dog out, and decided to drink a cold glass of water.  My bad, Veg.  Brr.

In other news, today we are 21 weeks, which is more weeks under our belt than are left to go.  I’m still wearing my normal pants with no real end in sight, yet, as they are all pretty comfortable and roomy still.  I’m about 1/2 and 1/2 maternity shirts and regular shirts.  I wore a magenta cable-knit v-neck sweater on Monday, which I wore simply because no one else was in my office due to the snow storm.  It had full-length sleeves, but that was it’s only reasonable feature.  And c’mon, why do most necklines have no collars, and worse yet, have huge scoop neck collars?  This is a problem for me with non-pregnancy plus sized ladies clothing – this assumption that a) I’ve got huge tits, and b) I don’t like shirts that are tight around my neck, neither of which is true.  I’ve got to hit Target sometime soon to pick up some of these to wear under everything, since all of my older undershirts (without that precious Lay Flat Collar Guarantee) make me look like I’ve been in a fist-fight, then put on a magenta cable-knit v-neck sweater right after.  Not a good look for anyone, I’m afraid.


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  1. your posts about sweaters are my favorite.

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