You know, an altered center of gravity (thanks, Vegas), plus snow-dusted icy walkways (thanks, Grumpy Old Man Winter) is a recipe for disaster.  I’m a pretty careful walker, anyhow, when it’s icy outside, but throw in some off-balance and the fear of falling down and busting something loose brings on a whole new level of anxiety.  Oh, how I wish folks and businesses would plow their sidewalks and toss down a little salt for good measure.  I know it’s cold, and snowy, and icy, and your shovel broke, and more is coming, and your vagina is sandy… but it would make this pregnant lady in particular feel a whole lot more safe walking the 20 minutes uphill and downhill to her car before and after work.  For once, I have to put aside my butch tendencies and hold onto my wife’s arm instead of offering mine to her as we walk along.  The humanity.


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