And now jackhammers?

Whereas I may not look as pregnant as other almost-20-weekers, the changing inside my body is making me, at least, take notice.  The internal wrecking crew is back, as my pelvic bones constantly feel like they are being pried apart by crowbars, and the muscles along my sides and in front of my ribcage take turns aching.  I’m sleeping on my sides at night, mostly, which makes the outsides of my hips hurt, and my lower back is a constant low thrumming moan of pain, just for good measure.  Hot damn!

The dog, to his delight, is getting a good 20 minute walk every evening, regardless of the weather.  Aside from our previous neighborhoods, this one is actually rather hilly, so he and I both get a workout huffing and puffing up the inclines.  Factor in some ice and snow plus oncoming traffic, and we’re off-roading.  Throw in two other dogs being walked off-leash, and we’ve got ourselves an upper-body workout as well.  This is all to say that I feel like I’m getting my prescribed exercise each day, especially once you count in the 20 minute walk to the parking garage after work, and the constant up-and-down of my back deck stairs when the dog wants to play ball.  I imagine, though, that rescuing the Chuck-It (usually reserved for dog park activities) out of the car would help both my trouble bending down every two minutes as well as my throwing motion.

In brighter news, Vegas is moving around a lot.  I can feel him mostly whenever I’m sitting still – at work, sitting on the couch, sometimes laying down in bed.  It’s the weirdest and creepiest thing ever, though I suppose I’m supposed to say how wonderful and beautiful it is.  Which, OK fine, it is.  We both can’t wait to see his wiggly self on the 19th, which seems like eons from now.  I’ll let you know if a jackhammer is visible on the ultrasound.


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