Prepare Thyself!

Despite our experience taking care of small children (my niece care-taking from years 0-4 during the 4pm-12am shift, and my wife, being the oldest child of three, with countless years under her belt of unpaid childcare and maintenance), over the next few months, we will be embarking on a class-taking, workshop-attending journey to parenthood preparedness.  Oh sure, there’s the automatic instincts of change him when he’s wet, feed him when he’s hungry, rock him when he cries, which I’m sure take up some portion of the classes, but we figure… eh, surely we’re missing something – why not cover all the bases.  How many bases can there be?  Ohhh let’s count:

  • Preparation for Childbirth
    Prepare yourself and your support person for the birth of your baby. Topics include understanding and managing the different stages of labor through relaxation, labor positions and breathing techniques; medication options; and Caesarean birth.
  • Basics in Baby Care
    Being comfortable with the details of caring for a baby can give you an extra measure of confidence. This class is designed to prepare you for what is involved in caring for your newborn. It includes bathing, infant stimulation, and safety.
  • Breastfeeding Class
    How you will feed your baby is an important consideration as your prepare for delivery. This class will discuss the benefits of breastfeeding, getting started, common problems, and father’s (or in this case, non-birthing mom/lesbian life partner) role. Other topics may include pumping, going back to work, and the mother’s nutrition.
  • Tour for Expectant Parents
    Our staff will provide a guided tour to those considering or planning on delivering their baby at our hospital.  It introduces you to our Family Centered Maternity Care Unit, including the birthing suites, nursery, and postpartum rooms.
  • Infant and Child CPR and Safety Course
    Learn methods to help save a child’s life, and keep children safe in the home. Learn what to do if a child is choking, has stopped breathing, or if the heart has stopped beating. Also, safety issues and baby proofing the home are covered.

This is just to start. I mean, I don’t think Vegas will come with instructions, but these should give us some kind of a head start, while either preparing us or scaring us to death.  Perhaps both!  I’m looking forward to the CPR course, only because my nephew has epilepsy, and he started having seizures when he was only one.  I’ve only been present for one of his seizures, but it was one of the most frightening and helpless experiences I’ve ever had.  Perhaps that course will also persuade us to register for at least one cabinet lock.  Fine.

Other, more fruity and hippy-like classes, include making organic baby food and cloth diapering 101, will most likely be added to the roster soon enough here.  Spare time on our hands, much?  Well, at least for now.


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  1. I just found your blog via Bao. I’ll be following yur adventures in periwinkle from now on– best to you both!

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