Eating Habits

As of 10:45 this morning, I have consumed:

  • 1/2 banana
  • Small glass of smoothie (blueberries, banana, lite coconut milk, plain yogurt, ice)
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs (whites only)
  • Small cup french press coffee (with cream & sugar)
  • “Thin” bagel with cream cheese and blackberry preserves

Considering I’ve been up and about since 8:00am, this seems like an incredible amount of food, since a typical weekday consists of a bowl of cereal, 1/2 banana, and coffee.  I’m trying to watch what I shove down my gullet, since it’s important to me to only gain as much weight as Vegas needs, instead of treating the pregnancy as an all-access pass to syrupy pancakes and baconville (though wouldn’t that be a lovely trip).  I saw a nutritionist for a couple of years a while back, so I’m trying to tap into some of those old habits and tips as to not catch myself just eating cream cheese out of the tub, which is harder than it seems.  Remembering to eat more often is also challenging, but my wife is doing a good job of reminding me before I get indecisive, cranky, and listless, in that order, which happens rapidly as soon as I get hungry.  Good times here, folks.

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  1. lol. great post. and….can i just say that cream cheese doesnt get nearly as much praise as it deserves? it pretty much single-handedly ended my vegan ways and its the best damn pizza topping ever. like ever.

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