Reluctant Showerers

I’m secretly delighted that we will (hopefully) be able to avoid having more than one baby shower, which will be the obligatory one thrown by our department (one of the unexpected perks of working together).  And honestly, if we could find a way to get out of that one, we would.  At least the work shower won’t have games (other than name suggestions on the white board, which is tolerable, but might be limited to “Pat” and “Chris”), and will have a modest cake (the same cake by the same company they use for every baby shower).  It won’t make it any less awkward, though, when we’re forced to sit at a table in front of people and open presents.  We’re brainstorming of ways to make sure people we know (and trust) are on the party planning committee, in an effort to have some control over the awkwardness.

We’ve only lived in our town for a year and a half.  Most (all?) of the friends we have are work friends.  Our typical baby shower-throwing-designated-people (best friends, sisters, etc.) live a range from two hours away to another coast away.  Shower-attending (and non-work) friends and family are also a road trip or plane ride away.  For the most part, we’ve considered these facts to be saddening, as it will take precious time and money for everyone to eventually meet Vegas.  Also amongst the sadness, we have no immediate local infrastructure for babysitting and “In Case of Emergency, Call…”  people.  But the only positive so far from all this far-awayness is a substantial decrease in the possibility of being thrown a baby shower.

It sounds like we’re ungrateful party-pooping misers, but we simply don’t see a need for one, and definitely don’t feel a want for one.  It’s hard economic times, folks – save the pennies.  Also, we’re not party people in general.  Hell, we bought our house about a year ago and have yet to have a housewarming party.  We don’t like opening presents in front of people, and the only reason I ever like going to parties is for the beer and tequila shots.  Take that away from me, and what is left is repetitive sober conversations about being excited/ready and how I’m feeling.  We’re already aggravating people who want to buy us pink or blue things – imagine a room full of reluctant green and yellow!  See – we’re just doing everyone else a favor.  Yeah, that’s it.

But seriously?  We have a ton of (new and veteran) mom friends and family members who are graciously donating so many used clothes and materials that we already have a sizable stash of supplies.  We also have healthy number of local baby consignment and thrift stores.  If people insist, we’d like to receive gift certificates to the local cloth diaper service, or adopt an acre of rain forest in Vegas’ name (which is totally our go-to gift for newlyweds), though we understand that is totally not as fun as going to Target and picking out something tiny and adorable.


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