We had an “office retreat” today, which ended up being a nicer way of saying, we’re heading out of the office around lunchtime to another non-office location where we will have some sandwiches, followed by a very long meeting.  The change of scenery was welcome, but rounding the corner into the home stretch, it was all I could do not to collapse into the napping position.  I did have some Dill Pickle flavored potato chips, which made up for some of the pain.

One co-worker volunteered his PT Cruiser to drive the five(!) of us to our destination.  I hesitated, then later decided against, volunteering my more-sizable, but smells-like-dog SUV, because… well, I didn’t particularly want to drive.  That’s fair, right?  Moments before we boarded the Cruiser, apparently my pregnant privilege kicked in, when my driving co-worker put the kibosh on someone else who called “Shotgun!”  He insisted (“my wife would kill me if I didn’t insist” he says) I take the front seat, because I’m pregnant.  This move put my (tall) boss, my (taller) boss’ boss, and said Shotgun! co-worker crammed like children in the backseat.  He informed the others one by one of his decision as they approached the car – as if I was completely removed from even resisting the offer.

I had no idea, other than “Expectant Parent Parking” in front of Babies-R-Us, that this kind of privilege existed.  I know I’m exempt from heavy lifting (much to everyone’s dismay) and other unfortunate chores (litter box scooping), but who knew there were actual perks before I physically become a bother?  But there you have it – I wonder what’s next?


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  1. Ironically, you and Vegas would have been safer in the back seat. 🙂 Be careful–pregnancy “privileges” are often ways of taking away your autonomy. For instance, he completely took your prerogative of choice away by *insisting* you sit in the front.

    You’ll have to forgive me right about now: I’m writing a dissertation about the oppression of motherhood. 😉 If you’d rather I refrain from such blather here in your comments, let me know! 🙂

  2. I usually love the pregnancy privilege, especially at the dinner table. I am always offered the biggest steak, because I’m the pregnant one, and I am very happy about that.

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