Does being pregnant make you irrational?  That’s a rhetorical question.  I’ve heard of pregnancy-brain, you know – forgetting the names of things and so forth, but what about logically assuming that you might scare your baby to death?

I’m making a list of things that scare or startle me, which are immediately followed by my own brain thinking, “Dammit – did I just kill the baby?”

  • Unexpected loud noises: sneezing, banging, fire alarms, cars honking, train horn, my dog barking (at his own reaction to being startled by something), my computer speakers being on louder than I thought they were, etc.
  • Running into someone coming in/out of a door.  You know, when you open the door to the restroom and someone’s coming in while you’re going out?  Awkward, sure… but also startling.
  • General horror-movie type things – seeing a strange shadow/reflection.
  • Unexpected jumping cats.  We have two cats (of course we do).  They like to jump up on the bed right beside my head right before I’ve fallen completely asleep.  They are bad cats.  They are also fat plus-sized.

I’m sure the list will keep growing.  I’m not necessarily easily startled, but I suppose I’m just noticing it more because I can only irrationally assume that Vegas is affected as well.  You know, in that “This place blows!  I’m outta here!” sort of way.  This only further reinforces the thoughts that have been occupying my mind a lot lately, which is “I am not alone.”  Less like a horror movie, but only by a little.


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