Yes, we’re excited!

My wife and I attended a baby shower yesterday for a work colleague.  Yes, not only do we have the same employer, we technically work within the same unit, though, thankfully I suppose, our work paths hardly ever cross.  Not like she or I aren’t a joy to work with, because we totally are.  Anyhow – I will let her do the baby shower reactionary reporting (all I will say is, um.. hi most-awkward-thing-ever), but I was delighted to find out that I was not the only other other pregnant lady there.  So there was the pregnant lady having the shower, me, and another colleague (due 10 days prior to us in June) who had also just started telling people.  It was hard not to want to steal them away and talk to them about … well, everything.

I’m beginning to think I should start counting how many people ask me (sometimes squealing), “Are you excited?!?!”  Much like last Spring I wanted to count how many Nike running shorts I saw around town, and this Winter, how many short skirt/black tights/boots wardrobe combinations I’ve witnessed.  Regardless, the answer is always, “Yes, we’re excited!”  Always… sometimes with accompanying squealing, if appropriate.  But then there’s this immediate lull where neither I, nor my wife, nor the excited asker know what’s next.  These are people who were not included in the PR roll-out, so there’s not a ton of room for personal-question-asking, though some lean in close and whisper (why whisper, I don’t know), “When are you due?”  It is supposed to be a secret?  Shit.

I suppose eventually, “Are you excited?!?!” will turn into “Are you ready?!?!” once we get a move on here into the latter months.  In the meantime, suggestions for follow-up colleague banter after excited admission?  Is it rude to plunge directly into, “What do you think about Mike Shanahan as the new Redskins coach?!” (squealing optional).


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  1. And don’t forget “How are you feeling?” which, if it were up to the asker, would NEVER be answered with “like crap on a crap cracker.” Luckily for me, I rarely consider what the asker wants.

    • Ahh yes – “How are you feeeeeeeling?” I’ve yet to actual admit my true feelings, but I will confess I’ve used the same excited answer, as if I’m stuck on repeat. “I’m excited!” Excited is a feeling, right? That, and gassy… but that might lead to more questioning.

  2. I love responding to the “How are you feeling?” (or just, “How are you?”) question with the total and honest truth, even though I’m not pregnant. “Cranky. You?” throws people off and is fun for me. It would likely be even more fun during pregnancy, because who would dare face the wrath of a pregnant woman?

  3. I get the “How are you feeling?” question at least five times a day from everyone I know. There is just no point to the “fine” response anymore, cause I’m bored out of my mind. But when I tell them the truth, and the truth is not in the “I’m so excited” category, they feel sorry for me, which I don’t like at all. So usually I mix it up with something like “I am really grumpy and creating life is a joy!”

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