Wallet en Flambé

Ten years ago, one of my best friends in college (who coined my other alias, “uberbutch”) bought me a chain wallet.  As if I needed more masculine accessories, the chain wallet was a sassy addition to my club-going, tie-wearing self.  Oh yes… hair slicked back in a low ponytail, jeans, brown boots, crisp white button-up shirt, and necktie – my Saturday night lesbian dance club uniform.  C’mon – I was a catch.  But not only was the wallet a chain wallet, it was a flame wallet.  Oh yes.

In ten years, the color of the flames have just about worn off, with only an embedded outline of the flames left.  It was used daily, with chain, for a few years.  Then the chain was eventually reluctantly removed, as I traded in my jeans for “work pants.”  The chain was reinstated a few times a month when I played shows, as the chain became more of a costume item.  I took it everywhere, as you do with the one thing that holds your ID, money, credit cards, etc.  Not once did I hesitate to break it out to pay at the nicest of restaurants.

This past Christmas morning, one of the presents under the tree from my wife was a new brown, classic, sexy leather wallet.  Surprisingly, I didn’t experience much remorse as I weeded out flame wallets’ contents, throwing out old business cards, and reevaluating new wallets’ contents.  I tucked my driver’s license into the pre-designated plastic-covered fold-out, and have been breaking it in with my back pocket ever since.  Flame wallet has been retired to the hallway table drawer until further action (Vegas’ first wallet?).  The new wallet definitely does not say “mom wallet,” but is a definite welcome adult upgrade from the flames and buttons of yore.  Here’s to new and refreshing changes for 2010.  Happy New Year, folks.


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