When we first visited our R.E. back in August, my wife and I sat together in the exam room – me on the table, her on the chair next to me.  We waited for the nice doctor to come in and do the physical exam.  We looked at the magazine articles framed on the walls, and chit-chatted during the curiously long wait in between “get undressed from the waist down” and *knock, knock*.  I noticed the medical probing unit next to me, and we enjoyed a hearty chuckle as I worried that the transilluminator next to us (basically a light connected to a goose-neck stand) would illuminate my trans and they wouldn’t let us have a baby.  We’ve now downgraded to less sophisticated exam rooms, but the transilluminator is always there, and better yet, we always still laugh.

We had the quickest doctor’s visit yet this morning with an OB in the practice we hadn’t met yet.  We’re rotating through at this point, so that we’ve met with all seven OB’s by the due date; someone I work with assured me that the OB we like the least will be the one available on delivery day.  Suck it up, buttercup.  I don’t know if we like him the least (he’s only the second we’ve seen – two down, five to go), but he had a much different bedside manner than the hot nice lady OB we’ve seen the other two times.  Much less squealing and excitement, and much more eat your green vegetables and try not to gain much weight.  Seeing as I’ve gained exactly a half of a pound in one month, I think I’m doing OK.  He took a while to find the heartbeat, as he wiggled the probe around, and we patiently listened to my body digesting a bowl of Kashi until he poked around some more, and eventually found the elusive Vegas, and his very average heart beating away.  We shook hands, didn’t have any questions, and were out the door in 20 minutes.  Record time!

Another month-long wait until the next visit with OB #3.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying my non-pregnancy pants, while rocking what looks like a baby bump to most, but to me, just looks like I’m not sucking in my tummy.  So far, no one’s tried to touch it, but it’s only a matter of time.

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