Great Parents

There’s a refrain we keep hearing from people.  Amazingly, it’s not curiosity about the donor, or why me and not her, will we find out the sex, what names have we thought of, when’s the due date, etc.  I mean, some folks have asked those things, but they are much less than I would have expected.  What most everyone has said, though, is a statement, not so much a question: “You two will make great parents.”

These are people who know us in a variety of capacities – former co-workers, a guy I’ve known since I was four years old (though haven’t seen in eight years, and hasn’t even met my wife), my boss, a few non-immediate family members (some from her side, some from mine), a bandmate – people who do not cross paths with each other, and people who know us more as separate units, as opposed to a couple.  However, all of them seem painfully positive that we will make excellent parents.  One person even said – “Man!  I wish I was your kid!”  – which is strangely flattering.  These people haven’t seen us in any kind of child-caring capacity.  We don’t have child-intensive jobs (unless you consider college students children).  These people have no idea that we don’t have a single cupboard lock or outlet cover on our baby registries.

Having several friends (close friends, even!) tell us they’re pregnant, I don’t think we’ve ever told them what great parents they will be.  Is this a standard response?  Maybe it is, and we’re out of the loop, or we’re just terrible news-getters and congratulators (that could TOTALLY be it).  At any rate, here’s to living up to everyone else’s great parenting expectations.  Cheers!

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  1. I don’t think it’s a standard response, but I can recall more than one couple, or half of a couple, that I’ve congratulated with those words. And it has always truly been heartfelt. Most recently, it was a couple that I have always thought would be wonderful parents and was sad that they didn’t want kids. And when I found out that they accidentally conceived and decided to keep the pregnancy, my first response was about what great parents they would be. Hopefully the people who are telling you that you will be great parents mean it just as sincerely – and they probably do.

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