Hi Stan. *Blech*

StanWho knew I would suddenly feel like a character in South Park?  I’ve been having relentless nausea all week, and while the score is still: me-158, actual puking-0, I’m beginning to think I might be approaching a more losing situation.  Ever day this week, I’ve thought – OK, this kid better be growing something very important right now in order to make me feel like this.  Followed by the sensation that it is only a matter of time before I projectile vomit during a meeting.  See – this new and improved nausea is even sneakier than before!  Oh sure, there’s an underlying sea of queasiness throughout my day, and I’m still choking down tiny bits of food to keep something in my stomach… but every time I do something sudden – cough, sneeze, laugh, chuckle, get surprised, run into someone in the hall, immediately afterwards, I can feel my eyes get wide, and my mouth water, and I think .. oh my God, not now… not, in the meeting/at my desk/in the car/walking the dog (though this would be the safest place).  It leaves as suddenly as it arrives, and I thank God I’m not covered in my own insides.

My mother says, “Oh honey, if it gets bad, ask the doctor and they can give you something to help.”  Which, yes, is true.  Initially, the doctors also recommended taking a combo of a B6 vitamin and a half Unisom tablet to take the nausea edge off.  I tried that and found less that it helped, and more that it helped me become so sleepy that I didn’t care if I was nauseous.  If I didn’t have to work and be functional, I would permit it.  The real reason I “don’t mind” (in big air finger quotes) the nausea goes back to that whole “it’s my only reliable pregnancy symptom.”  It’s the one thing that is reassuring that things are still alive in there.  Perhaps not the best reason, but it’s my reason, and I’m sticking to it.

On another note, I completely forgot to put on deodorant this morning.  Whereas this may be a common occurance for my wife (who would be completely dry and odorless after running ten miles), this might be the first time ever for me.   I’m even pretty OCD in the morning with the ritual of lotion, deodorant, cologne… but this morning, I apparently stopped right after “shower.”  Pregnancy brain?

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