What Ales Me

Football season is really my favorite season – not Summer, not Winter… no, football.  NFL, mostly, as I’m not much of a college football follower, other than the local college-town team.  Football season means Sunday afternoons devoted to my recliner, my remote, buffalo wings, nachos, pizza rolls, and several frosty bottles of beer.  Ohhhh wait.

I’m sure it was a mere oversight on our part when we decided that my pregnancy should overlap with football season.  I’ve been pregnant since the beginning of October, which meant I only had a tiny number of games in September in which I could be gulping down the cold ales that are now haunting my refrigerator.  And since my wife is not a big drinker, she will not put me out of my misery by drinking them to free me of the torture when I go to grab a root… beer.  As I’m watching the games this afternoon, I suffer through beer commercial after beer commercial – the slow-motion pouring, the wet, dripping pints… hell, even the CANS of beer look tasty.  I’m almost looking forward to the end of football season, if only to get some relief.

This only adds insults to the Fall season of beer festivals and tastings I’ve missed, as well as all of the fantastic seasonal beers that come out this time of year.  No, I don’t have a drinking problem, but cold beer is a treat – a reward for working a long, hard work-week… a great pairing with a steak or wings… a little something to turn watching your hometown team lose (as they often do) into something less depressing.  I don’t miss much from that curiously long list of weird crap you can’t do or eat while you’re pregnant, but beer… I miss you.  I’ll see you next season.  You know, granted I’m not breast feeding.  Sorry, beer – I can’t win.

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  1. I completely sympathize. Your post makes me glad that I don’t watch football to see the commercials. Just FYI, people don’t seem to make a big fuss about drinking while breastfeeding as long as it’s not more than about one drink a day while exclusively breastfeeding, more if the baby is eating other things. And after surviving an entire pregnancy without any, one a day is like a huge luxury! Actually, I’ve found that nothing increased my milk supply as much as dark beer. Indulge in the luxury of a smooth, yummy porter or stout one evening, and the next day I would need extra bottles for the breast pump. A friend told me that in 19th century England wet nurses were required to drink a pint of stout per day, and while that’s probably made up, it does reflect what I noticed. 🙂

    • Pass the Guinness! I’ve also heard of the whole “pump and dump”, when ladies drink it up, and then dump the milk? I might not be THAT hardcore, but then again, nine months is a really long time.

  2. This is funny. I hate to laugh at your pain, but there it is. This is DEFINITELY something I would struggle with. I love beer, especially when it’s cold outside. Since we’ve been TTC, my wife certainly misses her wine. Oh the things we do. 😉

    • I’ll be the first one to admit that the weekend before our successful IUI, we vacationed to the beach for a wedding, and consumed a ridiculous amount of tequila. If our baby comes out with a sombrero on, we’ll know exactly what happened.

  3. [Visiting for the first time from Bao in the Oven. I’ve followed your wife’s blog a bit… congratulations to you both!]

    Ah beer, wonderful beer…

    For me, it was women’s basketball season that was the killer. We’re season ticket holders, and I greatly look forward to enjoying a crisp (nearly tastless but who cares) light beer during games. Seeing all the happy lesbians with their beers at the arena this summer… that was tough. (Yet embarassing to admit since I worked so long and hard to get myself into this very situation.)

    A friend from work accidentally aquired a case of non-alcoholic beer (her father-in-law is ESL and missed the reason why the case price was so cheap), and she’s gifted it to me. I fully intend to enjoy it next summer whilst breastfeeding.

    • [Hello there and welcome!]

      What I would GIVE for some tasteless lite beer… man. I tried to sucker some visiting friends for Thanksgiving to please please drink my beer before it gets all skunky next Summer… but they only put a minor dent in the selection.

      I had to tell my bandmates when I was like.. 5 hours pregnant (not really, but you know, really early on), because we had a show.. and shows = free beer/shots. It was such a bittersweet moment of “I’m pregnant!” and “Please don’t hand me beers!”

      Non-alcoholic beer! Clever! 🙂

  4. Wow, for some reason I had not figured out before just now who your wife is. Doh!
    For me, it’s the food I can’t eat more than what I can’t drink–I’ve never been a big drinker, but man, what I wouldn’t give for a medium-rare steak with like blue cheese on top. With a poached egg on the side for good measure. And some sushi.

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