It looks like I’ve finally moved to the outskirts of nausea-land, where things are still a little dicey, but as long as I keep in mind that I’m not out of the woods yet, it doesn’t sneak up on me.  I’m still snacking throughout the day, to keep my stomach from being empty at any given time, and still eating bland breakfasts.  I’m sustaining on bananas, apples doused in lemon juice, toast with peanut butter, popcorn (though the smell of it popping almost made me lose my guts), string cheese, pickles, root beer, and whatever small-portioned yummy dinner my wife makes me at night.  We’ve come so far from saltines in the bed, though I did chug a banana earlier this week while warming up the shower.  I’m eager for the day that my appetite returns, but understand that it won’t increase the size of my stomach.

My wife thinks I’m showing a little bit, and since she see’s me naked more than I do, I’m inclined to believe her.  Luckily, though, clothes are still fitting properly.  I’ve lost about 15 pounds from where I was this time last year, wearing the same clothes, so they may start to fit more like… well, how they used to fit.  We did pick up some XXL big man sweaters last weekend, so hopefully I can transition to those to get me through the winter.  My pants already ride low on my hips, so I think my body type (which I have cursed until this very moment) might buy me some more time, too, before I have to get my pregnancy pant on.

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  1. “before I have to get my pregnancy pant on”

    huh larious.

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