Moving right along

Every morning, I wake up thinking this is the day the nausea will be gone.  Moments later, it rushes over me like a tidal wave, and all I want is to curl up on my side and go back to sleep.  Alas, at least during the week, there is a shower to be had, work clothes to put on, and work to be done during the 9am-5pm.  Mornings have been combated with a banana (which I’m scaling down to just a half of a banana this week), some toast, and a Prevacid (reflux meds I’ve been on for a while pre-pregnancy).  It’s a delicate internal balance game that needs to happen before I even think of sipping my wee cup of coffee.   Speaking of coffee, I’ve finally found a way to relieve my wife of making coffee every morning in the grind-n-brew, thanks to Starbucks and their new VIA instant coffee.  Since the smell of coffee beans and even the coffee brewing makes me heave a little (which is why the task was designated to the wife), the VIA packets comes smell-less, and just requires some hot water (and I can even do it myself).  Much preferred all around, I’d say.

Aside from the mornings, my stomach is acting like I’ve had gastric bypass surgery.  My mealtime capacity has been cut in half, at the least.  Lunches and dinners are much smaller portions, and if we’re eating at a restaurant, most everything we eat is a shared portion, something I wish my body wanted to do before I got pregnant… cause, damn, at this rate, I could fit into that bikini.  Ooh, that’s some imagery.

More symptoms?  I’m still exhausted.  I could be in the bed sleeping all day, every day, happily.  I’m wishing I were there right now, actually.  What else… oh, gas!  Hello gas!  Wtf, gas?!?  What an unfortunate and awful surprise you were!  Thanks for joining us – glad you could make it.  And NOW, I think I’m having the pregnancy rhinitis, instead of the flu – ever since the flu has left town, I’m still grabbing tissues at every moment, missing things my wife is telling me or questions she’s asking me as I’m honking away at a deafening rate.

Aside from the physical changes, we are emotionally delighted to have heard the heartbeat last week.  After the hour and a half long visit (maybe it was even longer?),we left completely thrilled to know that, so far, I am a baby making machine, and all of my stats and vitals look great.  We have an ultrasound at the end of next week, and as soon as we are assured that everything looks in order, we’ll be telling the world (i.e. bosses, HR, facebook) just before Christmas.  Ho ho ho.


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