Hurry up and wait

Our first OBGYN visit is this afternoon, after it was rescheduled from last Friday, when the Dr. got unexpectedly swept away to the hospital moments before we were to meet with him.  I’m 10 weeks (or so says this weird pregnancy math) today, and other than the 6 and 1/2 week ultrasound, which seems like a lifetime ago, there’s been no physical checking-in on the alien since.  There are certain things that I find reassuring, like the nausea (ohh the nausea) and the feeling as if someone has placed a water balloon up inside of my lady parts.  There’s other physical signs – my back hurts, my belly weight has started redistributing itself here and there, I’m still exhausted a lot of the time (especially int the evening), and I’m more winded than ever after going up one flight of stairs.  So, yes, it’s reassuring to recognize that most of these symptoms are related to the pregnancy, which makes us all sigh in relief.  As much as I am a “let nature run its course” sort of person, in favor of less ultrasounds, less poking, less sound-waves, less medical interference (you know, until the epidural comes – I know, hypocrisy much?), it would seriously be nice to have a Dr.’s reassurance as well that everything is on target, and that body parts are growing, and a heart is beating.  Perhaps we’ll get some of that today.

I think we both thought we would have had more attention by someone by now, but maybe not?  Maybe I’m honestly just another pregnant lady in their office.  Shocker.  After all, we were incredibly fortunate enough to have no complications getting pregnant at all – no PCOS, no Clomid, no follicle-counting, no trigger shots, no-nothing other than, ooh, I’m ovulating – well, OK, here’s some sperm, and presto change-o!  All of the other lesbian couples we’re close to had so much trouble getting pregnant that, as soon as they were, it was blood tests and dopplers and ultrasounds every moment, it seems.  Here we are just going on my intolerance for smelling coffee beans as our way of knowing that everything inside is still ticking.  At least this afternoon, we may get that much closer to finding out if my sniffer-sensitivity is as accurate as all those medical procedures.

On a lighter note, I’m 99.9% sure I’ll be the only woman at the office this afternoon with skull & crossbones on her underpants.

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