Pack ‘N Play

OK, so here’s where things might get a little inappropriate.  NSFW, even!  I know.. me?  NSFW?  Who knew?!

As we’re poking around registries and baby websites (I know, maybe we should actually meet with the OBGYN first, but who’s judging?), we’ve stumbled onto these playpens called “Pack ‘N Plays,” which not only makes us giggle outright, but may require us to refer to them by another term (um, playpen?) if only because, before this prenatal life of ours, a “Pack ‘N Play” used to refer to something oh so completely different.

Lesbians, you know where we’re going here, I trust?  Straight folk, brace yourselves.  See, the Pack ‘N Play (here’s where we’re NSFW) we were formerly familiar with is a type of silicone penis used to pack with (as in, tucked in your pants) and play with (as in, well, no longer in your pants, but ideally in someone else’s).  As you can see, talking about adding a Pack ‘N Play to our registry not only makes us laugh out loud, it makes us wonder if we’re even slightly fit to be parents.

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  1. Heeee. Yeah, no – that’s why I usually have to refer to it by its acronym – PnP. It helps… a little. XD

  2. *groan* I am never going to be able to look at our pack n’ play without snickering again. There are some factors that don’t bear explaining which will require me to inform my husband of this new vocabulary term, and will bring up old, half-embarassing and half-hilarious memories that will have us trying not to giggle noticeably every time we set the thing up in the presence of someone else. (By the way, they do make wonderful portable cribs for traveling, afternoons at the park, a night at grandma’s, etc.)

  3. seriously. i was wondering how long I was going to have to read lesbian ttc blogs before someone would remark on this!

  4. Thank you! I have had the hardest time not guffawing at baby showers and friends’ houses, when they start talking about their new pack’n’play, and none of them seem to know what I’m talking about. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with that first thought.

    • No problem. There has GOT to be more overlap in the lesbian trying-to-conceive community and those of us who know what a pack ‘n play is. Doing my part to make some of these blogs less stuffy. 😉

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